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Canadian govt. to offer more frequencies to accommodate the new iphones and blackberrys.

Dear members of HESA. I ,along with others I know,am very hypersensitive to EMF from cell phones etc and I cannot understand why  our Government keeps ignoring the fact that EHS is a Real physical health problem.

If a person becomes ill from eating peanuts,they can stop eating peanuts,but what are we that are becoming sick from radio frequencies to do ?

I had to leave my home back in 1996 because of EMF from a nearby tower ,that made me ill,and now they have installed a tower near my home ,which is making me ill, and I don’t know where to go.When ever I go shopping my ears go almost deaf,I feel pressure in my head and headaches.

Since Health Canada says there are no health effects from cell towers and they keep selling more frequencies people in my situation have to live in a sick-stressful atmosphere  in our own home.I wonder some times if our government has gone mad since they do not listen to us that are suffering daily from EMF but rather they keep adding more.

We that are EHS adults can complain,but what are babies to do ,when they are sensitive,other than cry,while their parents have no clue why they cry.

To flood our atmosphere with radio frequencies that can harm human beings and not pay attention to complaints  from those that suffer from the exposure,to me is acting in a inhumane manner.!!

Health Canada has got to know from scientific studies around the world,that there are symptoms, such as ringing in the ears and headaches,to name a few,that people could suffer from EMF exposure,and yet they have not informed out doctors that this could be causing such symptoms.I know from personal experience that this has to be  costing our health care plan many millions of $ for doctors visits related to EMF exposure as I was given several prescription  drugs ,that did no good,and hearing tests that accomplished nothing.

Please give this matter Very Serious thought as this is a Very Serious Matter!!

Yours Truly

PS. Please demand that Industry not issue any more frequencies licenses until the results of HESA study are known.


Government to auction off radio frequency blocks

Julie Gordon and Alastair Sharp
Toronto— Reuters
Published Friday, Oct. 15, 2010 2:39PM EDT

Canada will auction two blocks of radio frequency spectrum once
potential bidders have the available cash and foreign funding issues are
clarified, the federal industry minister said on Friday.

Tony Clement did not give a time frame for the auctions but said he had
met with the chief executives of the major telecom companies in recent
months and consultations would continue, especially regarding their
ability to raise funds.

“We know that 700 megahertz is going to be available as people switch to digital TV,” Clement told reporters. “And we know that the 2500 megahertz is also going to be available, so I have instructed my department to get ready and to start the process rolling.”

Industry Canada has said it could auction the 700 megahertz auction by
the end of 2012.

Most Canadian television is due to switch from analogue to digital
delivery by August 2011. The 700 megahertz airwaves are considered
valuable as they can cover long distances and more easily penetrate
obstacles such as thick walls and buildings.

The 2500 megahertz frequency allows for more speed and capacity but less
easily penetrates buildings.

“Even those won’t be enough; we’re going to need more spectrum on top of that,” said Duncan Stewart, the head of technology, media and telecom research at Deloitte Canada.

“Our demand for spectrum is going to chart very similarly to looking at the world’s demand for oil circa 1930,” he said.

Global mobile data traffic is forecast to double every year from 2009 to
2014, according to network equipment maker Cisco Systems Inc., as more
and more devices allow for video-streaming and other data-heavy


Canada raised $4.25-billion in a 2008 auction of wireless spectrum
between 1710 and 2155 MHz in which it set aside blocks for new wireless
companies in a bid to increase competition.

One of those was Globalive, which used a loan guarantee of up to
$800-million from Cairo-based operator Orascom Telecom to buy spectrum
and launch Wind Mobile.

The regulator, cheered by some established telecom companies, ruled that
foreign funding breached rules limiting non-Canadian ownership, but the
government overturned that ruling and is considering options to
legislate a further opening up of the sector to foreign investors.

Clement suggested the issue would need to be resolved ahead of the new

“The two are not really divorced, because people have to know what access to capital they’re going to have before they can bid in an auction,” he said.

Long criticized as overly restrictive and out of date, Canada’s
Telecommunications Act caps foreign ownership at 20 per cent of a
company’s voting shares. Restrictions on direct and indirect control are
46.7 per cent.
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From: Sharon
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Subject: Wireless industry warns of ‘traffic jam’ as more use smart phones, tablet computers

Dear Keith,

In yesterday’s Times Colonist the ‘linked’ article speaks to the need for another spectrum sale by the Canadian govt. to offer more frequencies to accommodate the new iphones and blackberrys. Just coincidentally this will also raise billions of dollars for the federal coffers. The sale could take place as early as this fall.

It is irresponsible for the government to aid the proliferation of wireless technology while the HESA committee is investigating the health hazards associated with these devices. I am circulating this information to many, asking that letters be sent to the HESA committee members asking that this auction sale be halted until the safety of wireless technology be proven.

As was presented to the HESA Committee in April, Safety Code 6 is outdated and in no way provides protection against radiation emitted by any of the wireless technology. No reputable, independent scientist is saying that non-thermal radiation is safe yet Health Canada and Industry Canada continue to allow transmitters to be placed near homes and schools, and new phones, blueberrys, WiFi, etc. to be sold widely, including to children. It is long overdue for responsible politicians to join with the growing numbers of Canadians demanding a biologically based guideline and new wireless technology that can be used without causing harm. I am asking you, as my MP, to represent my interest and the interests of many of those in your riding, to present this issue to the Parliament and demand that this auction be delayed until confirmation of safety is available.


Following are the names and email address of the HESA members and the clerk to the committee :

C. Carrie [email protected]

C. Hughes [email protected]

Dr. Ruby Dhalla [email protected]

J. Murray [email protected]

J. Smith [email protected]

Luc Malo [email protected]

Megan Leslie [email protected] [email protected]

N. Dufour [email protected]

P. Brown [email protected]

P. Davidson [email protected]

S. Cardin [email protected]

T. Uppal [email protected]

U. Dosanjh [email protected]

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