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Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart took to Facebook on Tuesday to complain about two utility poles installed by Telus, which he said could hurt someone.

“It’s downright dangerous, this is equipment including significant wiring within about six feet of the ground right next to our community centre and most of the wiring is exposed,” said Stewart.

“Everybody I’ve talked to said that it’s the most ugly [sic] thing, but also the most dangerous and irresponsible installation to be putting in front of a community centre.”

He said the first one was installed three years ago, and then the second a year after on Poirier Street.

Stewart said that when the community centre was rebuilt a few years ago, a rooftop cellular site was installed on the rooftop, but he claimed Telus is saving money by using the sidewalk instead.

He posted photos of the poles Tuesday night on Facebook, calling the installation “ugly and irresponsible.”

“One of the components is about three feet off the ground and has these sharp corners of metal right next to a child’s bike path.”

In response, Telus spokesperson Liz Sauve said the company is aware of concerns and engineers are looking at redesigning options.

“We’re very hopeful that in the next few days, or weeks with can find and agreeable with the city and have the site moved to another location that maintains the aesthetics in the neighbourhood.”

Sauve said the company will be presenting those options to the city next week.

As for the rooftop cell site, Sauve says it wasn’t ready for a provider to install equipment at the time, and Telus proposed using one in 2012 but the City declined the idea.

She says they moved forward with the current site in 2014 due to a high number of people complaining about a lack of service.

Sauve says without the utility poles, the community centre would have no service inside.

She adds Telus hasn’t received any complaints directly from residents, nor is it aware of any safety incidents since the first one was installed three years ago.

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