July 1, 2018

Dear elected officials,

Vancouver Parks Board Commissioners, Vancouver School Board Trustees, Coastal Health Authority officials and City of Vancouver officials (Mayor and Councillors) who have voted in favour of BC Hydro’s proposed underground substation at the Lord Roberts Annex school site in the West End of Vancouver are strongly advised to consult with legal counsel, for they have been very dangerously misinformed by BC Hydro – and anyone else who claims that magnetic fields – of any order of magnitude – are safe to humans and other forms of life! [1]

While electric fields can be safely blocked by many conventional building materials, there is no affordable material that can block (i.e., protect people from) magnetic fields!

BC Hydro states that their proposed substation will produce magnetic fields of “only” 30 mG (milliGauss), implying that 30 mG is extraordinarily safe compared to the permissible upper limit of 2,000 mG – which is disgracefully endorsed by both Health Canada and the WHO! Yet, non-industry scientists know that pregnant women who are normally exposed to magnetic fields of just 2.5 mG experience miscarriages! It is also known that magnetic fields of 16 mG cause six times the number of miscarriages! [2] [3] Non-industry scientists say that a ‘safe’ ambient level of magnetic field for homes, schools etc. is just 1 mG, and world-class scientists stated in 2012 that 60 Hz EMFs (electro-magnetic fields) are a “Known Carcinogen”! [4] Russian researchers believe 1/1000 ths of 1mG is safe! [5]

Evidence of the corruption which – because of this BC Hydro proposal – will threaten the health and safety of all people (and all living things) living and/or working in the specified area, can be seen in [1] above. One has to believe that the incumbent President and COO of BC Hydro is also unaware of this corruption, which screams out for a thorough national / international criminal investigation by the RCMP of all EMR/EMF scientists involved with Western regulatory agencies! [6]

Another unconscionably ugly truth that needs to be exposed – and rectified – is that British Columbia, like every jurisdiction in Canada, does not have a single senior health authority formally educated and trained in non-ionizing radiation (ELF and RF EMR) or in pulsed non-thermal RF EMR. Consequently, even BC’s own Provincial Health Officer is obliged to simply echo whatever corrupt Health Canada says about the alleged ‘safety’ of ELF or RF EMF! This is disgraceful, unforgiveable and absolutely criminal!

It should be expected that property and house values will drop as the public becomes aware of the substation’s location; homes and businesses closer to the substation can expect to see their re-sale values drop precipitously! Law suits are inevitable! The City’s property tax revenue should also be expected to reflect the above. Unless those officials involved retract their approval for BC Hydro to proceed with its proposed underground substation, law suits alleging not only miscarriages but countless other illnesses and premature deaths are an absolute certainty!
J.G. Flynn, Captain (Retired)
Bowser, B.C.

My military BIO is shown in Reference [1]

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