Nov 16, 2018 :

From a member living in North Vancouver:

Please pass this information on, and ask friends and relatives who live or work in North Vancouver to write to the Mayor and Council with their concerns.

Good info to provide is at:

“I understand that an electric company (won’t name them) has just dropped off at NV city office 78 applications for microcells in the City of NV. These are worth over $20K to said electric company. However, more concerning is the increasing radiation for all people working and living in the City of NV.

Might it be an idea to give a call to the Mayor, if you work or reside there, and suggest they don’t approve this application?

If you do not live there or work in NV City, but know others who do, please pass this on to them. Even now, the radiation in the area near the hospital is intolerable for anyone with electro-hypersensitivity. Of course cellular damage is taking place in everyone, whether they know it or not!”


North Vancouver – 6700_2C  – Wireless-Communications-Facilities-Policy-2012.pdf