Out of nowhere in January 2019, Mark Steele was served a notice to attend Court over alleged crimes Mark Steele has committed, i.e. continuing to broadcast and talk about the ‘false accusations that Gateshead Council are rolling out 5G infrastructure’. Council lawyers made sure that the Judge who deemed Mark’s quest needs to be heard in the public domain and that he cannot be ‘gagged’. Gateshead Council are stating that they’re not rolling out 5G, which has been proven to be not true, the LED streetlights are proven to be 5G enabled. Everyone must remember that 5G is Fifth Generation, it is not incrementally more than 4G, it’s brand new technology that isn’t just limited to Millimetre Waves, which Gateshead Council do not understand.

Ian Crane was at the Court this morning interviewing Mark, here’s the video:


For more articles on the case :


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