Apri 24, 2019


After a court decision, 13 electrically sensitive Linky anti-counters will be able to benefit from the installation of a filter in order to be protected from electromagnetic waves.

This is a small victory for opponents Linky meter : the Tribunal de Grand Instance of Bordeaux has given reason to 13 of the 206 plaintiffs who had initiated a lawsuit against the installation of the electric meter created by Enedis.

A decision due to the electrosensitivity of these applicants, who presented medical certificates recounting their symptoms ( headaches , insomnia…). Recognized pain , even if the National Agency for Food Safety (ANSES) believes that there is no “solid experimental evidence to link electromagnetic waves and symptoms described .

Result: Enedis has two months to install a filter device protecting these 13 complainants from the electromagnetic fields of the Linky meters.

What about the other complainants? They did not claim an electrosensitivity but feared that the counter Linky is an invasion of their privacy or their free choice. They were dismissed by the summary judge of the Tribunal de Grand Instance de Bordeaux.

If 13 plaintiffs still won, Pierre Hurmic, the plaintiffs’ lawyer, considers this verdict “timid” . “This is a first breach because the decision concerns only a few applicants of the procedure, but it is still a first breach, in what was, the dominant thought so far, Enedis just saying that it there was no danger! , he says.

source : https://www.femmeactuelle.fr/sante/news-sante/compteur-linky-la-justice-donne-raison-a-13-plaignants-electrosensibles-2077743