A year ago Telus met with Maple Ridge City Council in a public meeting about Small Cells.  Many council members were informed about the concerns of wireless antennas close to homes, schools and businesses, and asked many great questions.  At the end of the meeting, council decided to delay the permission for Telus to install any close range antennas in Maple Ridge.

A road in Maple Ridge received one of these Telus Small Cells, located on 207th behind M&M Meats, Bank of Montreal, Cobs Bakery and a Pet Hospital.  Across the street where this antenna is aiming at, is a unaware Children Day Care Centre at Meadow Ridge Centre.

According to the local group against installation of more antennas, “This is the first and hopefully last small cell in Maple Ridge, they are not wanted here, there are enough antennas already”

Many more were also found in Downtown core of Maple Ridge on Brown Avenue and Selkirk Ave.

Many were pointing to apartments, particularly Senior’s Apartments behind Maple Ridge Square Mall (224th)





Seniors Residents 121 Avenue (Behind Shopper Drug Mart)

Seniors Residents 224th (Behind PetSmart )


Lougheed Highway and 203rd 


If  you live in the Maple Ridge area

and want to express your concerns with Telus Small Cells,

Please address your letters to Council :



Nov 2017 – Presentation to Maple Ridge Council about Telus Small Cells