Dec 27, 2019

by Maurizio Martucci

The syllogism fitting in the Winter Solstice , the crossroads between the darkest darkness and the return to light. The image shows us the watershed from which nobody can escape. What future awaits us? Still in the wake of the millennial cosmic cycles, in symbiosis and respect with nature even in safe and not engulfing technological progress, or addicted to artificial intelligence in the robotization of radiated humanity and ecosystem? For those who do not yet have a clear sense and epoch-making significance of the clash taking place, from the Court of Appeals for the Circuit of the District of Columbia (the same where another great trial against 5G will be celebrated in January 2020), an illuminating sentence arrives: the union of all Indian tribes and the United Keetoowah Band, or the federally recognized Native American tribe Cherokee(14,300 members, is based in Tahlequah in Oklahoma, at the foot of the Ozark mountains) had the better of the Federal Commission of Communications (FCC) .

The commission that authorized the launch into orbit of thousands of Wi-Fi satellites and the indiscriminate installation of millions of new 5G antennas throughout America , even in archaeological, historical and environmental protection sites, has in fact suffered a severe sentence , canceled the order to disseminate fifth generation mini-antennas everywhere. The victory of the tribes of the natives stems from a popular petition and the appeal accepted in the courtrooms, in the claim of the National Historic Preservation Act , that is, the law for the protection of historical and archaeological sites in the United States of America, and the National Environmental Policy Act, the US Environmental Improvement Environmental Act .

In practice, the court of appeal had to examine conflict and divergence between telecommunications business law, in the FCC’s governmental promulgation, and the right to maintain environmental protection and tribal rights in the territory, rights directly related to mobile telephony . The natives won. Tribes have said that eliminating revision requirements would potentially endanger sacred Native American sites, as companies plan to build new facilities to implement the 5G network . The FCC’s view that it was not in the public interest to request a review of 5G mini antenna distributions was rejected . Judge Cornelia Pillard saidthat the FCC has not fully addressed the impact that the new construction would have on the religious and cultural traditions of the tribes , which often require a free view of the entire mountain range or a piece of land.” And yet, comments the site of the Native Ace-Peoples and Tribes : “ The decision represents a key victory for the Native American tribes over the FCC with the ruling that the commission did not sufficiently justify an order that allowed telecommunications providers to implement infrastructures of small 5G antennas without consulting tribes or undergoing historical conservation and environmental reviews . “

The deregulation policy, a deregulation in exclusive favor of the wireless lobby , to the detriment of so-called obstacles , that is public and local assets , was not considered correct or correct. Something not very dissimilar from what was hoped for in Italy last year by the Competition and Market Guarantor Agency ( AgCm ), which debased in mere technical-bureaucratic hindrances to the business development of 5G territorial regulations and environmental opinions actually designed to preserve in the public health also flora, fauna and artistic-historical-cultural heritage .

Something similar to Native Americans is now also claimed in Lombardy . On 11 December 2019 the Noi Ambiente Salute Association of Viadana ( Mantua ) sent an application to the Italian National Commission for Unesco explicitly asking to declare Sabbioneta (Mantua) as a 5G Free Municipality , that is free and without the Internet of the things . We also appeal to UNESCO officials – it is written in the note – so that the city of Sabbioneta is protected not only from the health point of view, but also for its historical, environmental and artistic value considering that tourists informed about the effects of such experimentation could choose for self-protection to avoid visiting and staying in this area. The danger of devaluation of real estate should also be considered in the event of fear of the negative effects of these technologies. ” We will see what our Unesco will do, chaired by Franco Bernabè , ex banker, ex CEO of Telecom Italia , member of the controversial Bildeberg group .