This 5G awareness poster by Electrosensitivity UK http://www.es-uk.info/ has been banned by the Ads Council. It is the second poster on the health impact of wireless banned by the Ads Council despite the hundreds of scientific papers provided to the Ads Council.

The ruling on the 5G poster can be found here ASA Ruling (REF: G19-1029264) 

Download a JPEG  of the 5G  Poster “How Safe is 5G”   here. 

In response to the ruling, Electrosensitivity wrote: “The ASA requires mainstream majority science, which the poster provided. The ASA’s ruling then discounted this majority mainstream viewpoint by adopting a minority view based on unsubstantiated and non-peer-reviewed claims of the small cartel supporting the wireless industry.”

Read thePress Release and Response to the ASA Ruling of January 8 2020 by ES-UK on the Information Poster asking ‘How safe is 5G?’ which states, “The information poster’s valid question ‘How safe is 5G?’ The information poster’s question ‘How safe is 5G?’ is not misleading or unsubstantiated. The CTIA, the wireless industry trade organisation, has a website section headed ‘Is 5G safe?’ These questions are very similar in wording.”

The 2020 ban was covered by these news outlets:

2018: An ad was banned on the health impacts of cell phones. 

The earlier 2018 banned Poster by Electrosensitivity UK  featuring a cell phone with Aps representing health effects  stated, Worth the risk? It’s your call. More and more research is starting to show potential health risks from mobile and cordless phones, WiFi and other electromagnetic fields”. Below the text was an image of a mobile phone which displayed a variety of on-screen apps. These app icons were titled “Damaged immune system; Electrosensitivity; Skin Disorder; Cancer Risk Raised; Heart Palpitations; Headaches; Memory Loss; Fatigue; Brain Tumour; Sleep Disorders; Dementia; Tinnitus; M.S; Damaged Sperm Count; Depression”. See the 2017/2018 AD here 

In 2017 Michael Bevington, Chair of Trustees, Electrosensitivity UK stated, “I am very concerned that a commercial group like the ASA is trying to prevent people being given accurate scientific information on health risks from mobile phones, phone masts and Wifi. There is ever increasing scientific evidence from world experts and authorities about cancer risks and cardiovascular, fertility and neurological harm from these wireless devices. The ASA lacks scientific expertise in this area of health and should not try to censor substantiated scientific evidence about the harm from wireless devices.

Read about the first ad in a press release here. 

More resources at http://www.es-uk.info/resources/

See a pdf of the 5G poster  here . 


5G Awareness Poster Banned in the UK