Feb 17, 2020, 09:49 ET

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Legally disabled by wireless electromagnetic radiation as emitted by cell towers, cell antennas, WIFI, smart meters and all wireless radiation devices and infrastructure, Ms. Barris can no longer function in society without wearing protective shielding to block radiation as emitted from wireless infrastructure and devices.  With all normalcy from her life now gone, including having to quit her job of 15 years due to cell tower radiation, having to sleep in her car due to smart meter emissions and being cut off from normal society for nearly a decade, in the face of the new 5G roll out, she is now running for Congress in the 33rd District of Los Angeles despite her disability, in the hopes that she can raise awareness to this enormous problem while also implementing protective legislation, particularly regarding the imminent roll out of 5G for which there is nothing on the market for people like her to either measure or block the radiation with, as the frequencies are out of range of what is typical for 4G.

Ms. Barris has been continually denied accommodations for her condition due to lack of education with the general public on the issue and hopes to alleviate this situation for people like her who cannot tolerate the radiation from wireless device and infrastructure by bringing awareness to the issue.  The US National Toxicology Programs 10 year $30,000,000 study found “clear evidence of statistically significant carcinogenic effects” yet the public is still largely unaware of this known toxin.  Other studies show stroke, heart attack, kidney problems, neurological damage and lesser problems such as headache, loss of energy and ringing in the ears which if left unchecked can turn into bigger health problems.  Ms. Barris also believes her cancer was due to her exposure to the 3G antennas on a rooftop near her home in Santa Monica.  The fact that the US National Toxicology Program study outcome showed clear evidence of cancer and it is difficult to find areas of the world that are now not exposed to this radiation, leaves cancer survivors like Ms. Barris worried.  She hopes to raise awareness to this problem with her campaign, which has real solutions for a society that is addicted to their smart phones and WIFI. Ms. Barris sees this as the challenge of her lifetime and is at the crux of her campaign.

If elected, Ms. Barris would seek support in Congress for the funding of solutions to this problem and would also begin requiring the Americans with Disabilities Act be adhered to and force accommodation on air planes which she says are now off limits to her due to the WIFI in the fuselage which is magnified by the metal enclosure and claims makes her so sick that she is unable to function for days after a single 2 hour flight.

Ms. Barris helped organize and was a volunteer in a first of its kind study showing her neurological symptoms when exposed to electromagnetic radiation on an fMRI.  FMRI is purportedly the same procedure used to diagnose US Embassy workers in Cuba who were under sonic attack, later said to be an electromagnetic attack.  Ms. Barris believes her neurological damage was caused by wireless radiation emitting devices and infrastructure.

Also of concern is the US Dept. of the Interior report stating birds, wildlife and foliage are dying due to ubiquitous cell tower radiation, as 5G is in the millimeter bandwidth, resonating with many insects exact size.

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