Pitt Meadows City Council met once again doubt the on going talks concerning a two cell towers located at the border of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows.  As council explained, discussions began in 2013, construction in 2015, and further debate since then.

Telus must think Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge citizens are not concerned about this, and are simply stupid.  I mean they clearly installed two cell towers on wood poles at one of the busiest intersections in town, right on one of the main arteries.  How could they assume we didnt care or even notice it back in 2015?  Now Telus went to Health Canada / ISED to bring back official documents saying its going to be “safe for the community”.  Thats a tonne of crap. Wake up world, people are getting cancer, brain tumours and pains from this technology, wake up.

Everyone knows Safety Code 6 is well behind, it was written long ago based on technology that Health Canada never really studied at all, they just took the word of industry paid labs.

If you are not familiar with it, check out the documentary Public Exposure: DNA, Democracy and the ‘Wireless Revolution’, or the CTV investigation on BC Cancer rep claiming that wireless is safe, and they are not even an official Doctor.

The blue berry farmer didnt want it there, still Telus proceeded to place two Telus Macro Cells on these poles close to their farm.

Telus reps states that three times they consulted with the Farmer to lower his concerns.  What is Telus going to do with he or his neighbours get cancer?  There are more then enough studies that show effects from wireless, so whats the real need for these two towers, so people can use cell phones in their cars?, which RCMP are strongly against.

PDF – Radio_Communication_Tower_Request_for_Concurrence_to_ISED_Consultation_Process


Councillors are still concerned whether it will have 5G or not,  but even 4G LTE Small Cells emit a considerable amount of radiation!


“The site itself does fully comply with Safety Code 6” stated the Telus rep, Chad Melad, but he knows just as you and I do, that these regulations are absolutely ancient and needs to be updated by the government of Canada.

Cell towers are a money making machine,  and the government of Canada doesn’t want to change that.

“Notifying neighbours within 45 metres of the installation, seven properties were notified, We’ve done this three times over.  Its mainly only one individual who was concerned.  We have met with this individual and tried to alleviate any health concerns”

“When Councils are deliberating on Antenna Installations, they are to DISREGARD ANY HEALTH AND SAFETY CONCERNS, as long as it meets Health and Safety Guidelines” :  Telus Rep, Chad Melad

“They basically under the purview ( CONTROL )  of Health Canada, to insure health and safety.”

“Its not up to Local Council or Local Health Authority.

 Those are just the rules “


Pitt Meadows Councillor asked if there will be 5G antennas on this pole,  Telus rep responded,

“No it won’t, this is a 4G LTE, ….possibly in the future, but not right now”