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Biological effect of Millimetre Radiowaves (mmWaves) – 1977 – declassified in 2012.

Studies with with rats and 97 persons working with generators of the mmWave range on the basis of systematic conducting of biological analyses.

“Studies conducted in humans and animals revealed that mmWaves caused changes in the body manifested in structural alterations in the skin and internal organ, qualitative and quantitive changes of the blood and bone marrow composition and changes in the conditioned reflex activity, tissue respiration, activity of enzymes participating in the processes of tissue respiration and nucleic metabolism. The degree of unfavourable effect of mmWaves depended on the duration of the radiation and individual characteristics of the organism…”

We’re told 5G is new, it’s not, as this was written in the mid-1970s:

“…mmWaves are widely used in technology and the question of its biological activity has acquired special urgency. [They also] lead to changes of the functions of the nervous system cardiovascular and other systems of the organism, with the development of a characteristic complex of symptoms which permit speaking of a special nosological form of disease – RADIOWAVE DISEASE. ”

“As is known, the energy of mmWaves, because of its weak penetrating ability is absorbed mainly by the skin. Our studies have shown in the skin of irradiated animals deformation fo the receptor apparatus and well-expressed changes of the reactive character were observed. In the skin layer properly speaking appeared bunches of nerve fibres with hypertrophy of a portion of the fibre wand sections with demyelinization. In the dermis, among the collagen fibres were small trunks of various thickness, the neural conductors of which were fragmented in separate cases, and phenomena of demyelinization were observed in the surface layers.”

Human and animal bodies work through tiny electric pulses and these can also be called light or dots (see the diagram below:

These dots are literally what gives movement to the universe and our bodies:

“The AC (Alternating current) reflects not only the rhythm of every heart beat in creation but the Four Seasons of the Planet, in which 7.5 Billion people’s consciousness is intimately connected to. It is the High and Low flow of words and phrases in verse or prose as determined by the relation of long and short or stressed and unstressed syllables. It is the High and Lows of mountains and seas of tides of the ocean. Indeed it is Life itself. In the below diagram, it is described as “Dots” and yes the physical heart perceives Life as “Dots” some millionths of a second before the mind perceives its reality. Where the heart is considered a muscle organ. By using an electron microscope you can remove a small piece of muscle from the shoulder and follow it down until you arrive at a Patterns of “Dots” – This indeed is the direct perception of the physical heart. This is often called Fractals which involve waves and particles, the very source of the Universe. Hence the physical Heart IS the direct link to the Universe.” Source below…

Is 5G a DC/AC War to Interfere with our Molecules? Tesla, Edison, Rockefellers, J.P. Morgan

We all know when the liver, spleen, kidneys, lungs and heart are affected, we become ill in many different ways for a long time before the body ends up developing Cancer. Take for instance drinking alcohol, the next day the body produces a ‘hangover’, the toxins are being removed from the body using these organs. Humans will feel like they have a ‘cold’ and flu-like symptoms, maybe even symptoms relating to the Coronavirus (lungs). The declassified study goes on:

“mmWaves influence the state of nucleic exchange in liver, spleen, kidneys, lungs and heart there was a reduction of the content of nucleic acids and suppression of the rate of 14 C-thymidine and DNA and 14 C-uridine in RNA… The protein spectrum of the blood serum changed and the number of free amino acids decreased by 22%… Evidently the reduction of the general energy level occurring in the organism under the influence of mmWaves had an effect on the formation of macroergs and caused a suppression of all functions of the organism, including suppression of synthetic processes but especially nucleoprotein metabolism, which is very energy-consuming… The data obtained confirmed the existence of the an influence of mmWaves on the sate of metabolic processes in the organisms, in particular, changes of the indicators of protein and carbohydrate metabolism were revealed and disturbances of the indictors of immuno-biological reactivity and of the blood system were established.”

I’d like to ask these questions, which can NEVER be answered by telecoms companies, Governments and makers of WIRELESS and 5G technologies:

  1. Where is the proof that 5G is safe? We still haven’t been given anything substantial. ICNIRP says it safe, but they have in the past mislead the media on 5G and later apologised. You only have to look at Ericsson’s own leaked report on the rollout of 5G is impossible due to unrealistic exclusion zones: https://smombiegate.org/report-proof-from-global-telecoms-and-infrastructure-giant-that-5g-very-dangerous/
  2. Why does industry, manufacturers, Governments and their scientists continue to not look at the environments we live and how people interact with Wireless technology on a daily basis. Where are the assurances that the places people go are safe? Who installs and deploys the technology? For instance, we’ve proven through our FOI campaign the Councils that they 100% rely on the safety standards set by industry and deployed by manufacturers. In reality, Councils and Local Government all over the world have deployed this technology looking at a factor of one for each install, i.e. what they don’t look at is if a group of people live or work in a cluster of 4 masts, 15 WIFI routers, 20 CCTV units and 10 mobile phones. This is logical to me to look at, but is all too convenient for the ones making the money – Shame on the scientists and journalists who know this but aren’t standing up for the truth.
  3. Why have some countries like the UK seemingly avoided using mmWaves in public areas and opted for LTE networks, i.e. 5G phased array technology (developed by the military) using 4G frequencies? If mmWaves are safe, then why not it out on every street in the UK?
  4. What are the longterm effects of using mobile phones with Wireless technology? I’ve not seen many compelling arguments from the industry as yet. ‘LG don’t even look at any effects beyond 3 years because they don’t expect someone to use the phone for longer than that period’This amounts to crimes against Humanity and a wilfulness to mislead the public through ignorance of a dangerous technology.
  5. Why do our Governments allow the installation of any Wireless mast near schools when it’s clear that those schools end up with Cancer clusters?
  6. Why did the UK Government update its Planning Framework in the following way if 5G masts and towers do not pose a threat to property and the public?
  7. 2012 – 45. The outcome of consultations with organisations with an interest in the proposed development, in particular with the relevant body where a mast is to be installed near a school or college or within a statutory safeguarding zone surrounding an aerodrome or technical site.
  8. 2019 – 115. The outcome of consultations with organisations with an interest in the proposed development, in particular with the relevant body where a mast is to be installed near a school or college, or within a statutory safeguarding zone surrounding an aerodrome, technical site or military explosives storage area.
  9. Why is live blood analysis ignored that proves RF, EMF and Wireless devices have an observable effect on blood?
  10. Please tell us that this small collection of studies are not correct and that Wireless and 5G is safe for our children and our families.
MORE INFO HERE  EMR Research Updates – EMR & Health Report – December 2014 Issue

This article lays out how to stop masts and towers going up in your area, read and follow it, the time is now for action:

How to Legally Oppose Planning for 4G & 5G Mobile Phone Masts or Cell Towers


Original post https://smombiegate.org/declassified-5g-document-released-before-anti-5g-campaigners-were-a-problem/