Important information about the deployment of 5G. News item in the Victoria Times Colonist Sept 02 2020 “Rogers expands 5G network to 50 markets, but consumer adoption will take time” a concern for anyone aware of the problems caused by Electromagnetic Radiation especially for those such as myself that are Electromagnetic Hypersensitive. The higher intensity of radiation especially the increased saturation is a serious concern for us.
I noticed the TC article was missing an important piece of information, looked at the Rogers news release “Canada’s First 5G network now the largest, expanding to over 50 Canadian cities and towns!” 

It too was omitting an important piece of information. No where was there a mention of the deployment being 5G New Radio. 5G is being released globally in 2 phases. The first part being the 5G New Radio which for the most part if not exclusively uses frequencies in the sub 6 GigHz band, the bands we are already having problems with. In Canada and most likely most other places there is no mmwave frequencies released for use by cell phones. Some 35 Hig frequency has been released for companies such as Xplornet are using it to provide internet connections to rural Canada, a slightly different discussion.