EPJ Web of Conferences 233, 03006 (2020)

Pedro Cosme1,2*

1 Instituto de Plasmas e Fusão Nuclear, 1049-001 Lisboa, Portugal 
2 Instituto Superior Técnico, 1049-001 Lisboa, Portugal 

* Corresponding author: [email protected]

Published online: 16 April 2020


Graphene Field-effect transistors (GFETs) are excellent candidates for all-electric, low-power radiation sources and detectors based on integrated circuit technology. In this work, we show that a hydrodynamic instability can be ex¬plored (the Dyakonov–Shur instability) to excite the graphene plasmons. The instability can be sustained with the help of a source-to-drain current and con¬trolled with the gate voltage. It is shown that the plasmons radiate a frequency comb in the Terahertz (THz) range. It is argued how this can pave the stage for a new generation of low power THz sources in integrated-circuit technology.

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