SEPTEMBER 06, 2021

In a recent program of La Quinta Columna, Dr. José Luis Sevillano explained that, although the population is being irradiated by waves emitted by 5G technology and both inoculated and non-inoculated people are being affected by the radiation emitted by the antennas, those who carry graphene oxide in their bodies are the ones who are having the most adverse time.

Something that worries the doctor is that graphene oxide not only makes the inoculated ones more susceptible to electrofrequencies, but it turns them into living multipliers of frequencies. Therefore, they’re being irradiated not only externally but internally at the same time. And, in turn, they could be making unvaccinated people sick.




In the following excerpt from the program that Orwell City has selected, Dr. Sevillano explains in his own words this complex situation.
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Dr. Sevillano: This would explain the picture of the Chinese who were roasted, the ones who were toasted. The brown men. It’s that they had been irradiated from an external source. It was the signal from the antennas in Wuhan that roasted them. Just like the man who told you that he was brown —not brown, but red— because he had installed the antennas.

Ricardo Delgado: The antennas.

Dr. Sevillano: But come on, the syndrome fits very well. And, above all, it started to make sense when we learned that graphene emitted radiation. Because then you no longer have an external agent such as a more or less distant antenna, but you have it inside you. It’s not only what the antenna emits that makes your head spin and causes you all these symptoms. This also causes it, but it’s that you carry it inside you. Inside. And the moment you have it inside you, my friend, you know it. If you have it…

Look, the most interesting thing is that, in addition, graphene has an affinity for the heart and for the head. We don’t know if it’s because of the number of nerves in those areas or if it’s simply because of the temperature. There seems to be something there that is attracting it in those two places. We think that the electricity generated by the brain is what is attracting it.

Ricardo Delgado: Electrical activity.

Dr. Sevillano: Sure. And it attracts it. Then, of course, as it attaches there, the pericardium becomes inflamed, the myocardium becomes inflamed, the brain becomes inflamed. It creates problems in those two places.

But of course, you have to consider that they’re also introducing graphene by other routes. They’re probably introducing it via food, water… That’s to say, it’s also being introduced through other routes. And of course, if you carry it inside, you’ll get diarrhea, nausea, etc. So you’re being irradiated, and that affects the digestive tract, too.

This… I was sent an article or a presentation by somebody, a few years ago, who talked about graphene and these materials. Carbon nanotubes. It didn’t mention graphene, apparently. But the molecule that appeared on the slides was exactly graphene. And he was talking about bioterrorism. About how to generate these complications in people’s health with this kind of technology. Also, modulable with waves. This is known.

And there’s another PDF that was sent to me. I was looking for it for a long time, and I have found in it that graphene doesn’t enter the body through the digestive tract. Because, apparently, the body doesn’t absorb it. It doesn’t have the ability, for whatever reasons, to enter the body through the digestive tract, but you can still have it. You can swallow it and carry it in your body, do you understand? It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t get into your blood. You carry it. And if you carry it, graphene is irradiating. It’s irradiating from the inside. That’s why we shouldn’t only be concerned, specifically, about it getting into the bloodstream. It’s enough that you carry it in your body. You drink it, you eat it, and you carry it. And there it is, stuck in the tiny cells. It doesn’t get into the bloodstream, but it’s there. And when they start to irradiate, you are also irradiated. The signals multiply by a thousand. That makes you sick, causes nausea, vomiting…



I don’t want to talk about these things anymore. But I have seen cases, in the last few days, of people with diarrhea that have lasted 2, 3, or 4 weeks. And that isn’t normal. And I know that they’re people who aren’t very far from antennas. And that’s when I wonder if everything is related. But of course, that’s actually the cause. But I know that it’s not that it doesn’t enter the body, but it’s stored via the digestive tract, and it may be that it’s radiating to you from inside and outside.

These are more than possible things since the articles have been published for a long time. They’re papers that are already 4, 5, or 8 years old. They have been published for a long time. It’s possible to do this type of damage from the outside and from the inside. All thanks to graphene and antennas.

Well, what we have found, from the beginning, is that people got sick and died when they are closer to antennas than far away from them. And those who were graphenated, the immunized from the flu, fell sicker than those who weren’t. This is demonstrated in nursing homes, where this issue was absolutely scandalous. And I used to say: ‘Holy shit! Those who are vaccinated die, and those who aren’t don’t. Why?’

That’s why the Juarez and Barbastro studies were carried out. It was very striking that people who were systematically vaccinated got sick and many of them died while the unvaccinated didn’t. How curious! When this bug goes and makes everybody sick and, nevertheless, the vaccinated one dies, and the other one doesn’t. Why? Because this one is vaccinated. Why does that one die then?

It was a mystery, but now it’s solved.

You analyze the vaccine, see that it contains graphene, and you have the answer.

The work is impeccable. Impeccable for the level at which we move, that we don’t have great resources like the Institute of I don’t know what and I don’t know where, or the College of I don’t know where. They have everything, and they aren’t discovering anything. They’re just hiding information, all those scoundrels. And we, who have almost no means, are finding out everything that has happened in this year and a half.

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