MAY 3, 2011

This is not 1984, but with the installation of “smart meters” in our homes that date is quietly approaching.

We are under surveillance at intersections, financial institutions, most stores, hospitals, places of leisure and entertainment. When we escape to the privacy of our own home we are soon to encounter the “smart box” which can inform potential thieves when we are away, spy on our disgusting habit of doing laundry during regular waking hours, know when we are cooking real meals or simply warding off hypothermia. As an added bonus it can contribute to the accumulating quantity of radiation in our homes.

The consequences could include sleep deprivation, no sleep because of appliance noise through out the night, ironing at 3 a.m., poor nutrition and obesity because it is cheaper to go for fast food than cook and an outside chance of cancer due to the cumulative effects of lowlevel radiation.

Barbara Knight


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