SURREY NOW MAY 31, 2011 7:06 AM

The Editor,

Recently, a new kid has appeared on the technological block. And, oh joy, Surrey could likely be one of BC Hydro’s seven provincial “hubs” for this technology.

BC Hydro’s misguided plan to deploy wireless “smart meters” throughout B.C. is being inaccurately promoted as a “green initiative” and launched without proper education, meaningful community input or ethical options. It is shaping up to be a blunder of monumental proportions.

Similar “smart meter” initiatives in the U.S. have, with much opposition, resulted in city-wide moratoriums, increasing in number. Here, the meters are upon us, but due to the seeming complicity of government, industry and media, few citizens are aware, let alone prepared to speak intelligently about, or pursue, options. As yet, most of us in B.C. still have our attention focused elsewhere.

There is no doubt in my mind that Hydro’s decision to buy into so-called “smart meters” and “smart grids” is a huge and damaging mistake on so many levels: safety, security, human health, cost, environmental impacts and human rights.

My own cardiac arrhythmia is only one of many health conditions that are incompatible with wireless metering.

The impossibility of avoiding wireless influences in the community will now expand to our personal space.

BC Hydro has suggested that people with health issues should move off-grid.

What kind of option is that?

Linda Ewart, White Rock