From :  Etienne CENDRIER

Spokesman for ROBIN DES TOITS:

The City Council of Varades, in Loire Atlantique, France, voted

unanimously on September, the 6th, Maximum Exposition Limit to 0.6V/mon all parish territory.

The Mayor, Dominique TREMBLAY, and the  Municipal Council, aware of the urgent necessity of protecting human health, decided to conform to the prescription released by the Council of Europe published in May 2011.

This decision encompasses implementation of autonomous measuring meanto control levels of exposure.

A contrasted studies, such as the protocol put in place in the COMOP studies (Comité Opérationnel – state-supervised Operational Commity)

can also be put in practice.

National Association Robin des Toits, in coordination with the City,

will help throughout the process with assistance for organization and

in taking concrete steps to apply this limit.

Another City Council decided of a moratory over installation of new

mobile phone masts over its parrish territory.

Mrs Dominique VOYNET, Mayor of the City of Montreuil, France, through

a letter sent August 2nd 2011, informs telecom operators of the City

Council’s decision, on the basis of precautionary principle, to

“oppose systematically each new request of installation permit of

telephone masts, and to suspend any new installation or modification

over the existing fleet of equipment.”

One conclusion is clear :

What one City Council does, every other City Council can do just thesame.

Robin des Toits asks each member and correspondant to transmit the

voted text and the letter of the Mayor of Montreuil to their elected

officials to encourage them to follow these examples of responsability

and political courage, and hence have a chance to underline that

protection of the individual health is fully a part of their duties.

We all gather to address our support and congratulations to the City

Council of VARADES, to their elected officials, and their Mayor.

Let’s give this event a large audience.

Please spread the word and write to the address below to thank these

people for their courage, and copy the message to all other City


Mairie de VARADES

182 rue du Maréchal Foch – 44370 VARADES – France

[email protected]


– Extrait du Compte Rendu du Conseil Municipal du 06/09/2011 –pages 10

et 11

– Résolution du Conseil de l’Europe, Mai 2011

– Programme de Robin des Toits – Eté 2011

– Courrier du 02/08/2011 de Dominique VOYNET à BOUYGUES TELECOM


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