by Merv Ritchie    September 07, 2011

While citizens raise concerns about the invasion of privacy issues regarding BC Hydro’s new Smart Meters the manager of the Company installing them, Corix, is still involved in an RCMP criminal investigation regarding the installation of wire tapping equipment.

Former Kitamaat Village Chief Councillor, Steve Wilson, is the Manager of the local representative arm of Corix, an international company hired by BC Hydro to install the Smart Meters.

In 2008 and 2009, Wilson was the Chief Councillor of the First Nations Haisla Village of Kitamaat. He became embroiled in a lawsuit when he and his elected Council sued various band members and Hereditary Chiefs for defamation and Libel. In the middle of the trial, as it was progressing at the Terrace Supreme Court House on October 24, 2009, the Kitimat RCMP executed a search warrant and removed equipment installed in the new Village Council offices, (built during Wilsons tenure). It was confirmed at the time by the RCMP this equipment was installed on telephone communications lines. Wilson had, just prior to this, lost his Council position in the recent election and complaints were made to the RCMP after the equipment was discovered.

RCMP confirmed today that the investigation is still ongoing and could not provide any further details.

The tale gets stranger however when the facts discovered during the defamation trial in 2009 and 2010 are considered. Wilson was accused by his Hereditary Chiefs and Band members of making secret deals with BC Hydro and former Premier Gordon Campbell hence the defamation trial.

It was revealed his Council (and they admitted this fact) a rubber signature stamp of a Hereditary Chief was used to forge a document sent to the BC Utilities Commission in support of BC Hydro regarding the Rio Tinto Alcan Power Sales issue.

Wilson also wrote a letter to Campbell which detailed his secret deal to deliver the Hereditary Chiefs compliance in exchange for his own private Hydroelectric project. See the letter attached below.

The decision on the Trial, which ended in 2010, has also not yet been delivered.

All of this raises even more concerns. Wilson, who is still a principal character involved in an RCMP criminal investigation (criminal wire tapping) is in charge of installing electronic devices that are considered by many to be able to monitor the activities and behaviours in an individuals home and workplace. And further he is doing this on behalf of a company, BC Hydro, who he and his Council is accused of assisting by tricking his own people using a rubber signature stamp of his Highest Hereditary Chief.

Article from Terrace BC