“There are thousands of analog meters being stored by B.C. Hydro that they plan to dispose of before mid-December of this year.

“Vicki Lightfoot of the Merritt chapter of the coalition to stop smart meters is calling on Premier Clark, and B.C. Hydro to not destroy these meters so that the option to switch back to analog meter is still available to all B.C. Hydro customers.

“Two families in British Columbia are on record as having their smart meter replaced back to analog meter after complaining to B.C. Hydro about adverse health reactions after the smart meter was unknowingly installed on their homes. According to B.C. Hydro spokesperson, Dag Sharman, this will no longer be an option after mid-December of this year because B.C. Hydro will no longer be storing the analog meters. Asked by Lightfoot what B.C. Hydro plans to do with the meters, Mr. Sharman replied that he did not know.

“A close look at the agreement between B.C. Hydro and the company contracted to install the meters, Corix, has revealed that the Provincial Government is giving Corix our analog meters as of mid-December of this year. “Vicki Lightfoot, member of the Merritt chapter of the coalition against smart meters, has submitted a letter to Premier Clark, Energy Minister Rich Coleman, and B.C. Hydro board members requesting that they keep the meters until such time as each British Columbian has had the option of keeping their smart meter or not.

“Lightfoot contends that the World Health Organization’s ruling in May of this year to classify radiation emitted from such devices as wireless meters as a class 2-b potential carcinogen, came after Hydro’s decision to go ahead with the wireless meter program. Given that the radiation emitted from the smart meter is now a class 2-b carcinogen, the public has a human right to decline additional exposure to the electro-magnetic radiation emitted from Hydro’s smart meters.”–Press-Release,25,1601

B.C. Hydro to dispose of analogue meters now in storage

Letter sent to Premier Clark, Minister of Energy, and B.C. Hydro Chairman and

Board members regarding use of analogue meters removed from premises in

British Columbia. It was sent by a member of the Merritt Chapter for coalition

against smart meters, in response to an email from B.C. Hydro manager for

Thompson/Okanagan/Columbia Region.

Premier Clark; Hon. Mr. Rich Coleman;

Dan Doyle, Chair B.C.; Hydro;

B. C. Hydro Board members: Chief Kim Baird; Stephen Bellringer; Larry Blain;

James M. Brown; John Knappett; Tracy L. McVicar; Janine North; John Ritchie; Fiona Taylor

Dear Sirs/Madams:

On Friday, November 18, 2011, I received an email from Dag Sharman, B.C.

Hydro manager, Community Relations for the Thompson/Okanagan/Columbia Region.

In his email, Mr. Sharman, informed me of two very important matters. The first

matter is confirmation that B.C. Hydro did indeed reverse a smart meter back to

an analog meter at a home in Cache Creek on November 14 of this year.

The second important piece of information from Mr. Sharman is that B.C. Hydro

will be disposing of the old analog meters before the middle of December of this


We, citizens of British Columbia, and shareholders of B.C. Hydro, ask you to place

an immediate halt to the disposal in any matter, of the analog meters. According

to Joanna Sofield, Chief Regulatory Officer for B.C. Hydro, in her response to the

B.C. Utilities Commission (BCUC) on March 11, 2011, pages 5-7:

(3) If it is impracticable because of distance, electromagnetic

interference, physical obstruction or other similar cause for the

authority to establish a telecommunications link between the

smart meter at an eligible premises and the computer hardware

and software system referred to in subsection (1) (b) (ii), the

authority is not required to install or put into operation the

communications infrastructure referred to in subsection (1) (b) (i)

for the purpose of establishing that telecommunications link.

I believe that this clause, as submitted by B.C. Hydro to the BCUC, is the reason

for B.C. Hydro’s practice to reverse smart meters to analog meters after customer

complaints of impracticability of having a smart meter attached to a home.

Given that B.C. Hydro is reversing meters, and that many citizens throughout

British Columbia are rejecting a smart meter and requesting that their smart meter

be reversed back, it is only reasonable that B.C. Hydro keep all analog meters in

their possession until such time that public concerns are alleviated.

The expense to B.C. Hydro to repurchase analog meters at a later date, will have

to be covered by the citizens of British Columbia. Due diligence over tax-payer

money is required to avoid greater costs to B.C. electrical consumers in the future.

Yours truly,

Vicki Lightfoot

Member, Merritt Chapter for coalition against smart meters