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On December 20, 2011 @ approx. 4pm,  the suffering disabled man at the hands of the provinces smart meter, received a call from a Mr Mike Smith,  Smart Meter / Smart Grid Policy Analyst with the Ontario Ministry of Energy, the branch solely responsible mandating smart meters and the smart grid, was informed that his request was denied even with valid documented health issues, with being adversely affected by EMF, which is documented by a health professional before the smart meter was ever installed.

The home owner was advised that the Ministry of Energy’s smart meter policy makes it the law, and that there is no provisions to accommodate health issues, or opt out plan??

A government responsible for the safety of its citizens with their product and service, has no policy provisions??  Now am I the only one that sees something wrong with their own government policy that’s directly affects the citizens of Ontario with their smart meter product, and they don’t have any provisions??  How can that be?  Do they think they are serving, let alone being responsible for their tax paying citizens??

After 6 months of the disabled mans requests falling on deaf ears, a few local citizens concerned over his failing health, bought him a new safe analog meter and insisted North Bay Hydro replace the smart meter with the safe analog meter to save his failing health from their smart meter.  All parties were informed of pending actions, and advised they would wait till the end of the day to see if hydro would come out and swap the meters.

At 4pm after the call from Ontario Ministry of Energy, all parties now knew what was to occur on behalf of the disabled man. The police were even advised of what was taking place, and asked the police that if North Bay Hydro reported the meter being removed, and why, that they treat the disabled unhealthily frail man with gentle respect as he is not a criminal and is only trying to save his life.

The concerned neighbours then removed the meter with care as to not damage their equipment, and video taped everything for proof. About 30 minutes later after the new safe analog meter was installed by caring neighbours,  the home owner was outside in his driveway talking to one of his neighbours, when all of a sudden the police pull up on a reported alarm theft from North Bay Hydro, as this is what the police said. From their approach and demeanor, they obviously were trying to make the home owner look like a criminal with an extreme heavy hand, all the while all of this is no secret what has been happening here to this man, and how every single politician closed the door of help on him.

Threats of arrest, and being jailed, even when everyone was pleasant and not being rude not doing a thing wrong. The police rolled up like it was a theft call in progress. They demanded the analog meter to be removed, and if it wasn’t, the hydro crew was standing by to cut the power wires to an disabled mans home trying to save his life by removing the toxic device hurting him in his own home if he didn’t comply, and would be arrested for tampering with their equipment.  Of course, the police and hydro workers were saying without power it will be a cold dark night for for him in his condition. True compassion on their part.

The police tried to stop and block the event being video recorded, but recordings were made capturing how the police acted , as well as the hydro people.  The home owner on his own property was pushed back from his property by the police when he was only standing there recording.  When a neighbour observed this, he spoke up in a peaceful manner how they were treating a sick man on his own property, is no criminal, and cant treat him like that. The neighbour then was threatened with arrest for speaking?? And at one point the police told the neighbour to leave, which the home owner pointing out he was invited here by me before the police arrived, and is now a witness to the events unfolding in the dark.

So the disabled home owner had absolutely no choice, go without power, or be arrested, and due to his frail health was forced into having the smart meter placed back on not in agreement to having a smart meter, but does need his hydro to survive, and let them install back their smart meter. Placing everything right back to 6 months ago.

Tho the home owner was forced to take action when all else has been exhausted, and did indeed break the law cutting the seal and removing their meter from his service box on his property, and not to steal any power, as hes been saying he wants and needs his hydro and has always paid for many many years billing history. There truly wasn’t any justification on how the hydro comapny and the police handled it, as it is no secret to any one any longer. Its not the home owners fault being sick in his own home over theor toxic smart meter.

We know believe in our hearts, that the Ontario Government does have knowledge that the smart meters can and are adversely toxic to a small percentage of the population. Are they trying to cover something up?  Why all this being done to an obvious disabled man suffering in his home from their smart meter product that has not been adequately proven on their side. No one has the right to hurt anyone in their own homes over an $80 a month power bill.

What everyone in Ontario needs to fully understand is, if you end up sick from a smart meter, the smart meter has all the rights, you the private home owner have none. The Ontario Government has made all the provisions and protection to the power companies, not you.  Your only right is to have no power, that is their fact!

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