Telus has applied for approval to erect a 60 m Wireless Communications Tower within the boundaries of the Coquihalla Summit Recreation Area. Although the Zopkios Reststop area could hardly be called “undisturbed”, adding additional non-recreational infrastructure can only detract from the significant visual and environmental values of the C.S.R.A.
This is a protected area. What were the Provincial objectives outlined in the Master Plan when this area was protected? The prime objective “of the zone is to provide for a variety of easily accessible non-mechanized outdoor recreational opportunities in a largely undisturbed natural environment”. The Land Management Objectives were to “maintain existing park values and to eliminate incompatible resource uses and interests from the recreation area in preparation of Class “A” Park designation”.

Can we agree that in the light of this, the proposal to locate a 60 metre wireless communications tower within the boundaries of the C.S.R.A. is inappropriate. Please assist me in encouraging Telus to seek alternatives to locating their tower within the confines of this protected area.

I strongly suspect that if we’re not able to protect the best parts of our Park landscapes from development, we’re certainly not going to be able to protect them anywhere else.

Some email contacts…

Gwen O’MAHONEY MLA – gwen.o’[email protected]
The Fraser Valley Regional District – [email protected]
The Minister of Industry, (has the final say) The Honourable Christian Paradis – [email protected]
Mark Strahl MP – [email protected]
Terry Lake,