Published on Apr 4, 2012

CTV Vancouver

NANAIMO – Ernie and Astrid Shorrocks received an electric shock when they opened their BC Hydro Bill. It was twice as much as the previous ones. They say the smart meter is to blame. In November, BC Hydro installed a smart meter to the Shorrocks home. Their January bill was fine, a rate of $218 but the March bill had them concerned. It was $503. More than double what they paid before. They contacted BC Hydro to deal with the discrepancy. They were told that the amount was correct and the smart meter is working fine. The Shorrocks don’t agree. They still believe that the smart meter is to blame for the spike but to test the meter, it will cost $92. If the meter is accurate then they will have to pay the meter checking rate but if the meter is faulty then BC Hydro will pay the fee. BC Hydro’s Ted Olynyk says that they receive numerous complaints of high hydro bills this time of the season. They have received many requests in Nanaimo to check installed meters and yet, not one smart meter has been deemed faulty. Olynyk encourages BC Hydro customers to contact them with any bill discrepancies. Ernie and Astrid are still working on convincing BC Hydro that there is something wrong with their smart meter.