Ron McNutt sent installers from Corix packing Tuesday, when neighbours asked them to install Smart Meters in a Darby Street townhouse complex. The analog monitoring system for six townhouses in the complex are located on the side of McNutt’s house.   Photograph By Eric Zimmer/TIMES
Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Times
March 19, 2014

A Maple Ridge man continues his fight against new metering system.

Death or jail are the only two things that a Maple Ridge man said will stop his fight against Smart Meter installation on the side of his house.
And on Tuesday, Ron McNutt, who lives in a townhouse on Darby Street, put those words into action when he called the police after Corix showed up on his property to install the new meters.
Citing trespassing by Corix, Mcnutt wasn’t entirely sure what would result from the call, and even recognized there was a possibility he might be arrested himself.
In the end though, Corix left without installing the Smart Meters and McNutt was still a free man.
McNutt, whose townhome has six analog meters installed on the side of his house for him and his neighbours, said he and the residents involved, have all previously agreed to pay the $35 opt-out fee to keep the old meters.
But now, he said, two townhouse residents are selling their units and “have changed their minds and want Smart Meters installed.”
McNutt explained he had a brain tumour that was removed in 2010, and said there’s “at least five” studies that show a direct correlation between the wireless meters and risks of brain tumours.
“I’m refusing it on that grounds,” he said.
McNutt has no problem with people who want Smart Meters – so long as they’re not on his home.
“I say, fine just take your meter and put it on your house and have a Smart Meter – I have no problem with that,” he added.

Letter: Criticism against Maple Ridge smart meter opponent unwarranted


AUGUST 18, 2014 09:28 PM

Dear Editor,

The recent letter writer Mr. Mead [Gabriola Effect continues to work, July 2 Letters, TIMES] has seriously criticized one of Maple Ridge’s local business owners.

Mr. McNutt has serious and significant reasons to be concerned about the increasing amount of radiation in the area; he did not deserve the treatment he has received.

For the record I did not know Mr McNutt when I was in the area, and have never met him.

The recent letter-writer referencing Gabriola Effect as a reason to discount the potential of harm caused by the radiation from Smart Meters appears to have conveniently ignored the thousands of scientific papers – according to some researchers 25,000 scientific papers identifying the various harmful effects caused by Electromagnetic Radiation.  Despite the various members of the radiation is good for you fan club claiming no consistent evidence to show radiation is harmful, there is overwhelming and consistent evidence that electromagnetic radiation does cause harmful biological effects.

BChydro and others admit the time of use data will record and transmit personal use data about the users behind the smart meter – the full extent of how much or extensive the data collection is is not fully disclosed by BCHydro.

When one looks at the various safety warnings in the safety manuals that accompany wireless devices (cordless phone, cell phone, wifi router, baby monitor, laptop etc) one will find in many warnings regarding the safe use of the devices – specific instruction on how far to keep the device away from the body to avoid negative health effect.

Why would cell phone manufactures include safety warnings to keep the phone depending on make and model at least 5/8 to 1 inch away from the body and head if there was no reason for concern. Why are health officials employers and Worksafe BC not encouraging people to read the manuals and use the devices in accordance with the manufacturers safety recommendations?

Yes, electronic devices are appreciated by many who will not give them up.  Years ago many refused to give up their “right to smoke”.  Just because one likes it does not give one the right to inflict a known carcinogen onto others.

There certainly are issues with the distance the radiation can travel and the cumulative total amount of radiation one is exposed, the most critical area is in the near and intermediate field zone where there can be spikes of radiation of up to 100 times predicted according to a former Senior research Scientist at Motorola. The near and intermediate field around a cell phone are approximately 2 meters.

Smart meters can be assumed to have a similar seriously unsafe zone around them.

Interesting that your recent letter writer downloaded wiring diagrams from Texas Instruments to determine that Smart Meters made of Centrix are safe.  He mentions working for Atomic Energy of Canada, I certainly hope his fact checking by downloading the wrong information is not an example of how he worked when he was at the AEC or his compression of working on equipment designed to eradicate cancer is an example of his understanding or electromagnetic radiation.  The form of radiation is totally different.

Your recent letter writer Mr. Mead, conveniently ignores the work of many scientist over the years. He also conveniently ignores much of basic science about radio frequency, especially  the effects of near field radiation.

Even Industry Canada’s own documents express serious cautions with respect to near field radiation.  Criticizing a former letter writer and saying he does not need to prove his theories to the recent letter writer is an example of a person that has a closed mind and sees no need to consider the facts before creating an opinion.

There is far too much evidence available for any informed person to feel there is no reason to be concerned about the effects of electromagnetic radiation.  Attempting to discount concerns because ones car radio can receive a signal is a clear effort on the part of Mr. Mead to divert the issues. A car radio does not transmit – it receives radiation (in the case of a car radio it requires very little radiation to translate a signal into sound on the radio and the antenna for the radio is outside the car as it is difficult for the signal to penetrate the car radio. One always gets better reception on as portable radio when it is held outside a car.

Yes, Mr. Mead I have got the picture. Electromagnetic radiation can cause biological harm and we should all do as much as we can to reduce the amount of it in our environment.

I am a former Maple Ridge resident, and I doubt I can return because of the increasing amount of emr in the area.

Norm Ryder, Victoria