Response from all over B.C. to our story about a smart meter installation at a local Montessori school was so voluminous that we present here a representative sample.

Langley Advance 

March 17, 2015 10:45 AM

Editor’s note: While it is the Langley Advance’s policy to give precedence to letters from local writers, the response from all over B.C. to our story about a smart meter installation at a local Montessori school [Hydro overpowers private school, March 10, Langley Advance] was so voluminous that we’ve taken a representative sample and present them here.


Dear Editor,

The cutting of electrical power of the Roots and Wings Montessori school is atrocious behaviour on the part of BC Hydro.

Young children’s skulls, normally protecting the brain, are thin, and thus the children’s brains are adversely affected by EMRFs.

There are many people who are electro-sensitive and suffer ill health when in constant contact with EMR’s. No doubt there will be some students of the Roots and Wings who will feel the ill effects of a functioning smart meter.

What I cannot understand is the willingness of BC Hydro and the BC government to treat our children as throw-aways.

No doubt, as a corporation whose reason for being is to make profits, BC Hydro and the BC government have their eyes on the dollar, not concerned about the health and well-being of B.C. residents, most particularly our children.

Joan Hafeez


Dear editor,

Forcing an EMR device (aka “Smartmeter”) into a school against their choice is outrageous. This action makes a mockery of the very concept of democracy.

The desire of a school, or a home, to minimize exposure to radiation sources is a very rational and sound objective. The scientific evidence supporting this position, and the number of jurisdictions implementing this very policy, is continually growing.

This issue is not going to go away. The parallels between the fight against exposure to unwanted electromagnetic radiation and the fight against tobacco 50 years ago are striking.

The tragedy in this case is that our government is willfully (and negligently) on the wrong side of the issue.

Jeff Corbett, McBride


Dear Editor,

What kind of Democracy is this? We can’t even protect the health of our children? I’m disgusted with our government allowing BC Hydro to ram this unsafe technology down our throats.

David Work


Dear Editor,

I would not want my kids in any establishment that is riddled with WiFi and RF output.

My home does not have a smart meter, but the way BC Hydro is bullying more and more persons like myself, it might happen.

In the meantime, I am paying the outrageous opt-out fee, which you may know is the highest in North America.

William Jesse, Victoria


Dear Editor,

If B.C.Hydro insists on installing the smart meter on the school, I suggest the addition of a faraday cage be placed over the meter and attached by magnets to the meter base. The faraday cage should also be wired up with a grounding lead to a solid “ground rod.” This addition will prevent over 95 per cent of r/f radiation, but will not prevent “dirty electricity” that will be piggy-backed on the school wiring.

People have every right to protect themselves and their loved ones from radiation. This method does work. I make them myself!

Norm Hutton, Powell River


Dear Editor,

Thank you for carrying the incredibly sad story of principal Kristen Cassie and her problems with BC Hydro in regards to the imposition of a smart meter on Roots & Wings Montessori School. The public needs to know what is happening to people.

It is not really surprising, given the tactics that have been employed by BC Hydro so far in the rollout of these meters – bullying, harassment, and extortion.

I would challenge Premier Clark to wear her anti-bullying T-shirt on a visit to that school, or even to speak about how her government (which mandated this program) is fighting bullying.

There is much information coming to light about the health effects of wireless radiation, particularly as seen in the constant exposure that children receive in schools. Our politicians should be protecting the children in this province rather than mandating a program that brings harm to them.

There is no reason a school could not be exempt from having a smart meter, as are the many folks who pay the exorbitant fee of $32.50 a month, under duress, just to keep their analogue meters, though that would be an extremely costly part of her budget.

Inge Clapperton, Golden


Dear Editor,

I am appalled at this latest bully tactic by BC Hydro! Seriously, cutting the power off at Roots and Wings private school because they chose to take the high, hard road against BC Hydro and actually protect the children attending? So much for democracy.

Melinda Wilde


Dear Editor,

The citizens of British Columbia have to put a stop to this renegade government and their crooked sidekicks who are ignoring the life and safety of people everywhere, and running roughshod over our human and civil rights and freedoms so that they can make huge amounts of profits.

There are hundreds of experts the world over who can demonstrate that RF radiation from smart meters, cell phones and cell towers are causing damage and disease to people everywhere.

The government is supposed to answer to the people, not to arrogant, selfish politicians and greedy corporations who have no regard for human rights or health. We need immediate mass protests, and the people must demand the resignation of these leaders who are trampling on our most basic freedoms. The power of British Columbia belongs to the people of British Columbia, not to corporations or government bureaucrats.

Enough is enough. Get them out.

Mark Doyle, Victoria


Dear Editor,

The imposition of these meters is an outrage and a crime against humanity. The fact that the general public is being kept in the dark about the health hazards of smart meters, along with the privacy breaches, is deeply disturbing, and I hope you and others will continue to bring theses issues into the light.

Erin Mondey


Dear Editor,

This is so disgusting. This is being allowed by our liberal government and Christy Clark, who is not protecting B.C. children. Enough information has been sent to her to probably fill a good size room, and she does nothing for the safety of B.C. children or anyone else. To let the power be shut off in a school unless a smart meter is installed is the lowest thing I have seen her, Perry Kendall and all the Liberals in power do here in our province. How can they look in a mirror?

Carol Hargitt, Sorrento


Dear Editor,

I read with horror of the bullying action BC Hydro took in forcing the Montessori School to take a smart meter over their analogue meter.

Roots and Wings school is taking a leadership role in educating the next generation how to care for themselves and the planet they inhabit. The school administration is to be lauded for their initiative, not punished.

Furthermore, smart meters demonstrate none of the features promised: electrical energy has not been saved; data collection has not been simplified; our houses are at risk of fire due to humidity (electricity and water do not mix); our privacy is at risk.

Valerie Kohut, Victoria


Dear Editor,

I was not surprised to read your recent article concerning the bullying tactics used by BC Hydro to cut off power to the Montessori school and force them to have a smart meter installed against their wishes if they wanted electrical service to continue.

Ever since 1,540 jobs at BC Hydro were privatized and signed over to Accenture in 2003, our once proud BC Hydro is now in the hands of those promoting the proliferation of a world wide smart grid designed to irradiate all biological systems (including humans) with dangerous wireless PULSED MICROWAVE radiation.

The promoters of this technology ignore the thousands of peer reviewed scientific publications that warn of the damage done to DNA and living cells by such radiation.

Just because the global corporations are blinded by the trillions of dollars to be reaped from the unsuspecting public in the “modernization” of the electrical grid does not mean that those still with enough undamaged brain cells to see the real surveillance and control program being rolled out (deployment of smart meters) have to passively accept these devices.

Ask yourself why should you the taxpayer have your electricity costs increase to pay for the greed of those behind the scheme?

What kind of democracy do we live in that allows such lies and corruption to go unchecked?

If more people took the time to actually investigate what the wireless smart meter will do to your health they would still have the safe analog meter installed.

Finlay MacPherson


Dear Editor,

WHAT gives BC Hydro the RIGHT to take away OUR Canadian charter of rights and freedoms as well as our Democratic rights?

What gives BC Hydro the right to NOT offer a fair and Democratic radiation free smart meter choice to everyone?

What gives BC Hydro the right to LIE to, DECIEVE and PUNISH the BC consumers by cutting our power OFF simply because we keep refusing to have BC Hydro’s Itron smart meter killing machines installed on our homes and businesses?

This letter is in response to what has GOT to be the LOWEST bullying tactic BC Hydro has inflicting upon their customers so far: Our province’s innocent children attending “Roots and Wings Montessori School” in Langley regarding their cheap plastic combustible lithium battery containing killing devices otherwise known as Itron smart meters.

With the exception of our province’s elderly, BC Hydro’s latest BULLYING TACTIC has GOT to be the lowest that British Columbia has seen since their smart meter roll out began.

We choose to live in radiation free environments by NOT accepting a smart meter.

I have spent over 2.5 years studying smart meters around the globe every single DAY. Smart meters ARE killing machines and that is WHY BC Hydro is working so hard to force them onto our homes, our places of work, our children’s schools and into our lives.

Believe me, BC Hydro knows EXACTLY what they’re doing to us ALL.

FORGET the measles… smart meter radiation sickness is being felt across Canada as so many people are now getting sick from it.

Yes, we will see more sickness than we have seen in MANY decades because of these unsafe devices.

The symptoms of this very dangerous radiation are VERY subtle and the more you’re exposed to it, the higher your chances are of getting sick, VERY sick. The health effects of this type of VERY dangerous dirty electricity radiation happens over time, and many people are and will become sick, VERY sick.

Smart mater radiation health symptoms are so subtle that you start taking care of them 1 by 1, one at a time while your doctor scrambles to diagnose what is making you sick.

Low levels of smart meter/radio frequency device radiation affect the human body the same way nuclear radiation does.

Whether it’s smart meter radiation, wifi radiation, cellular phone radiation, bluetooth radiation, Samsung, Apple or any other types of tablets, video games, etc,

THAT radiation DOES break down human DNA and causes many other symptoms like: sterility and depletion of sperm in men, reoccurring leukemia in children, brain tumors and other cancers, increases symptoms of: ADHD and autism, as well as other various symtpoms like: vertigo, nausea, diziness, ringing in the ears, unexplained nose bleeds, nausea, etc.

I don’t care about BC Hydro’s lies, I don’t care about BC Hydro’s fake smart meter statistics, lies, deception and bullying tactics.

I only care about the TRUTH because I only care about the health, safety and well being of my fellow B.C. citizens, I only care about the children enrolled in MY home based Government licensed and regulated child care facility and my OWN family!!

I have spent close to 2 years emailing and phoning BC Hydro, BC Energy Minister, the BC Premiere and The BC Utilities Commission looking for answers to the TRUTH about smart meters that is all over the internet and around the globe, and NO ONE in any of those offices and positions has EVER replied to me and addressed my complaints, questions, concerns and admitted to the overwhelming scientific and medical PROOF that smart meters radiate our bodies that WILL kill and maime so many of us!

I want answers NOW and I wanna know WHAT gives BC Hydro the RIGHT to THINK they can get away with treating our province’s citizens who are also their customers this way?

I am a proud member of “The Coalition to stop smart meters in BC” and “Citizens for safe technology” organizations!

Lori Richardson Giesbrecht, Mission

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