The results of the Public Information Meeting:

The Information Meeting on Thursday was well attended and was a positive step in the process of trying to get this TELUS facility placed in another location than next to the KVR Trail. In attendance were two employees of TELUS’ land agent, Standard Land, and four TELUS employees from three departments: real estate, radio frequency engineering, and construction. Naramata residents streamed in and out over the two hours set aside for people to come and view the TELUS proposal. The information presented was basically the same as had been contained in the proposal that had been distributed to area residents, but this time was presented on easels supporting large photos and text explanations.

One thing that came across quickly in conversations with the presenters was that until now, they had not realized the importance of the KVR to tourism, and in turn, its value to the local economy. In no small part this was the result of the residents repeating the same message to them over and over: there is no opposition to improved service from TELUS in the area, just opposition to the suggested location because of its proximity to the KVR Trail.

Another positive aspect of the meeting was all TELUS’ employees and those from Standard Land were not only willing to listen to the community’s concerns about the proposed location, but very open to alternate sites. TELUS employees repeatedly mentioned that very often, once a proposal is submitted, input from local residents that know the area well results in the facility being located elsewhere than where it was first proposed.

Indeed, on the following day, Friday, TELUS’ employees and those from Standard Land spent the day looking at alternative sites that had been suggested by residents. Once there, TELUS’ Radio Frequency Engineer evaluated the site for functionality, while another TELUS employee from their construction department looked to see if construction on that site was possible.

We are aware of at least three sites that the TELUS group inspected; and we expect that we’ll around the end of August or early September if any of the alternative sites they looked at would be workable.

Until then, this website will remain available for those curious about the proposal.