posted Apr 14, 2015 at 12:00 PM

For customers wanting to opt out of having the wireless function of the installed smart meter not turned on, the cost is a one-time only fee of $60.

You must apply now to Fortis as the cost will increase to $88 after installation begins in this area in May.

There is an additional cost of $9 a month for a meter reader to read your inactive smart meter. Customers wishing to opt out of the smart meter program should phone or email Fortis to register. The contact information to do this is on your Fortis billing statement.

This is for Fortis customers who are concerned about having too much wireless in their homes and their concern for the health of their families.

Fortis and other utilities have had no independent studies done to prove that high levels of wireless radiating energy is safe for the human brain and body. Independent radiation experts think otherwise and other utility companies such as SaskPower have promised an 18-month moratorium until adequate research had been done.

Judy Nicholas