Cindy Sage, co-author of Bioinitiatives Report.

Do you use a cell phone? Wifi? An iPad? Do you have a ‘smart’ meter on your home? A baby monitor or DECT (cordless) phone? You should be aware these are all serious health hazards that have been covered up by the multi-billion dollar telecommunications industry. Scientists who have been raising warnings about exposure to microwave frequency radiation (the spectrum used by wireless devices) have been marginalized, and in some cases their careers ruined by telecom corporations. Now they are raising the alarm with the UN and World Health Organization (WHO). “The health effects (of electromagnetic exposure) are now inarguable,” said Cindy Sage, co-author of the Bioinitiative Report on electromagnetic radiation (EMR) research. “What we need—now—are biologically-based standards for public health.”

Tragically, the mainstream media are ignoring this important scientists’ petition, which included a press conference at the Belgian Royal Academy of Medicine in Brussels on May 18 this year of scientists Dr. Olle Johansson (Sweden), Dr. Magda Havas (Canada), Dr. David Carpenter (US), Dr. Lennart Hardell (Sweden), Dr. Michael Kundi (Austria), Dr. Dominique Belpomme (France), and Cindy Sage (US). At the conference (watch video here:, Dr. Johansson said: “Since I work at the Karolinska Institute, if I could, I would give all my colleagues here a Nobel Prize,” since their work fulfills the mandate of Alfred Nobel to do scientific work for the benefit of humanity.

Dr. Olle Johansson: Nobel Prizes should be awarded marginalized scientists working to educate the public on EMR hazards.

Telecom lobbyists or scientists with direct ties to the industry have infiltrated government safety standards agencies, hearings and safety reviews in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe to ensure that protective standards are so low they can operate with impunity. In fact, the “safety” standards in Canada and the US were written by the industry and adopted wholesale by governments without question. In anticipation of the coming health crisis, they even wrote into the Canadian and American regulatory codes a proviso that does not allow anyone to sue them on health grounds. Health Canada has repeatedly allowed Safety Code 6 inquiry panels to be compromised by such “experts” including the 2013 Royal Society of Canada review panel, which was plagued by numerous conflicts of interest, forcing its original Chair, Dr. Daniel Krewski, to resign.

Our public administrators at all levels of government need to be aware of this international coalition of scientists who are raising the alarm by petitioning the UN to do something before it’s too late. We could literally be damaging not only humanity’s ability to procreate in future generations, but the very ecosystems of life on Earth. Already studies have shown that the dangerous decline in bees has links with the massive increase in electromagnetic radiation (EMR or RFR, radio-frequency radiation). Einstein once said that if the bees died out, humanity would last at most three or four more years. Dr. Johansson and other scientists have warned that we are now experiencing levels of EMR that are up to a BILLION times higher than at any time in human history.

We are therefore exposing ourselves and our children to what Dr. Johansson has called a “giant biological experiment.” This is at least as serious an issue as global climate change, since studies have shown that exposure to microwave radiation can damage DNA. Meanwhile telecom corporations are marketing cell phones to our toddlers! Yet science tells us that our children are particularly susceptible to any kind of toxin because their immune systems have not yet fully developed, and their skulls are thinner, allowing them to absorb more radio-frequency radiation than an adult.

Dr. David Carpenter: WiFi in schools is an unacceptable health risk to our children.

For the first time in history we are hearing reports of people in their 20s having strokes, or public schools having to install defibrillators as a safety precaution because children have been having heart arrhythmia. Yet they allow the root of the problem to persist: Dr. Carpenter adds that a classroom full of students using WiFi are “exposed to an enormous amount of radiofrequency radiation in that room. A wired classroom will give the exact same access to the Internet but without the exposure to radiation.” Our cancer institutes have colluded with the industry to downplay the sharp rise in brain tumours and other cancers since the introduction of these technologies, especially in those under age 40. According to Eileen O’Connor of Powerwatch UK, one study has shown over a 700 percent increase in brain tumours in young adults compared to other cancers. At the Belgian press conference, Trent University’s Dr. Magda Havas warned: “There are really three issues here: the cancers, the reproductive problems and the symptoms of electro-hypersensitivity, which are all influenced by our exposure to electromagnetic radiation.”

It’s no surprise the mainstream media has ignored this developing health crisis, even as brain cancers skyrocket and the cancer rate generally soars to epidemic proportions. (1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women, according to Medscape Medical News. See LINKS.) Telecoms are now one of the biggest advertisers in media. Ad Age reported that in the US, telecom AT&T was number one in the top 25 advertisers of 2012 at $1.59 billion. AT&T was only one of four telecoms in the top 25. As Dr. Johansson says: “Personally, I have sent the appeal around to all Scandinavian media contacts I have, and to all other news desks, etc., but so far to the best of my knowledge, not a single tabloid, newspaper, radio or TV coverage. I do not know how to break down that wall. I am very disappointed that we have not received any formal replies from the UN or the WHO.” Of course, Sweden is home to one of the biggest telecoms in the world: Ericsson.

Dr. Magda Havas, Canada’s leading researcher on EMR. Courtesy Trent University

Please, if you are a voter, make your state, provincial or federal representative aware of the scientists’ appeal to the UN. If you are an elected official yourself, please do what you can to bring these concerns to the attention of health agencies and regulators the scientists’ concerns. At very least, NO CELL TOWER SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO BE INSTALLED WITHIN 1-2 KILOMETRES OF ANY RESIDENTIAL OR BUSINESS AREA. Yet several of our local West Kootenay communities, including Nelson, Kaslo, Silverton and New Denver, have cell towers smack in the middle of their downtown and/or residential cores, exposing residents and employees to an unacceptably high daily dose of EMR.

Our future may well depend on all of us speaking out. I am happy to supply you with any documentation or links you may need. Thank you for your precious time. You can start by watching this brief video with Dr. Martin Blank of Columbia University. The scientists’ UN/WHO appeal and related documents are at this site:

NOTE: Radio-frequency radiation (RFR) refers to the frequency of radio spectrum used; electromagnetic radiation (EMR) refers to the type of radiation, as contrasted withionizing radiation such as generated by nuclear power. Although EMR is classified as non-ionizing radiation, the assertion by telecoms that it is therefore harmless has been scientifically refuted countless times by these and other scientists.



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