Smart meters are controversial among many in the homestead and off-grid communities, but for one California man the controversy turned shocking when the electric company disconnected his power — for more than a year — due to his opposition to the devices.

His name is Josh Hart, and early last year he told the power company the smart meters presented a risk to his health because of a unique medical condition he had. He even had a doctor’s note, but it mattered little the day the electric company workers drove to his rural home and forced him completely off grid by disconnecting his electricity.

The power company gave him an ultimatum: Get a smart meter – or stay in the dark. He responded with his own demand: See me in court.

Hart is this week’s guest on Off The Grid Radio, as he gives us stunning details of his legal battle with the electric company. Hart tells us:

  • How smart meters can threaten your privacy and safety, and even can catch your house on fire.
  • Why cities across North America are removing or replacing smart maters by the thousands following deaths from fires.
  • What he did to survive when he was forced to live off grid, and how his lessons can benefit other off-gridders.
  • How he took the electric company to court without an attorney – and won.

Listen as someone who survived a battle with the power company tells not only what you can do if you oppose smart meters, but how you can fight back!

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