Antennas on the building Salvino Sierra.  Antennas on the building Salvino Sierra. / Antonio Quintero

Optional Madrid and Asturias made a questionnaire to check alterations in neighboring Sierra exposed Salvino


October 28, 2015


The platform affected by mobile phone antennas at Salvino Sierra has released a statement in which they welcome the initiative of a group of doctors in Madrid and Asturias, who will collaborate in developing a health questionnaire to be sent to all nearest neighbors at 150 meters of mobile phone masts that are installed in buildings of streets Salvino Sierra -Finca number 2- and 76- Former Mayor -number.


The purpose is to prepare a report on “the alterations or changes noted in people exposed to the filings of the antennas in the last three years“, as noted from the platform concerned, he is confident that “after we draw conclusions from this report, Sacyl will take action on the matter as their European colleagues are doing “


Palencia City Council announced on the 22nd that shall withdraw two phone antennas installed irregularly, once it has received court authorization to access the properties in which they find themselves. Specifically, the antennas that will be removed, which belong to the telephone networks of the companies Vodafone and Telefonica, are installed in buildings of streets Salvino Sierra -Finca number 2-, 76- and former Mayor -number. The withdrawal of these facilities will occur through the figure of the subsidiary execution, it ie that the City promote the work, which then charged the companies concerned.


Municipal Planning service as Councilwoman Maria Alvarez forward in the commission held on the 22nd, “has launched the process to hire the company that will perform the necessary work to restore legality in such property ‘.  The platform affected expected dismantling antennas is carried out “within days”.