These devices are not dangerous, said Hydro-Québec 

VALERIE GONTHIER   Thursday, November 12, 2015


A fire that destroyed a single family home in Ormstown this weekend had arisen at the place where is located the smart meter.

This fire occurred last Sunday on Julie Street in Ormstown Montérégie aroused once more concerns from some users about the security surrounding smart meters.

The flames would have appeared in the place where the appliance is installed used to calculate the actual electricity consumption, confirmed Hydro-Québec, which sent a team of experts to the scene of the fire earlier this week.


Headers issues

But rather the base (called the base) in which the meter would be installed which would be the origin of the fire, according to spokesperson for the corporation, Nathalie Vachon.

“The smart meter is part of the base, where there are any electrical installation. And with time, some wear are such that contact is not made well. Hot spots are created, causing fire, “she has said.

This is not the first time that a fire at a smart meter made headlines. But each time, but rather the base that caught fire, assured Ms. Vachon.

According to her, there would have been ten fires of this nature since the deployment of next-generation meters in February 2013.


Responsibility for owners

And as each of these fires, Hydro-Québec has recovered the device in order to obtain an expert, in order to ensure that the device was not defective.

Whoever burned in Sunday’s fire was installed in June 2014.

Ms. Vachon wished to recall that the maintenance of the power base falls within the owner of the residence, not the corporation.

“It is a necessity to conduct a five-year inspection of the electrical installations of a residence, including the base,” added Ms. Vachon.