A walking bridge in Port Coquitlam, BC had cellular antennas added to it several years go, but recently more were added.  Considering the location is right beside some homes, it was obvious that the levels there were of a concern.  Upon arrival to measure the RF levels, the levels were not too bad down at the river level.  However as one climbs up the hill towards the highway (Mary Hill Bypass), it increases considerably.  To our surprise there was another cellular tower there between the homes and the highway, hidden in the trees.  It appears to have two cellular companies on the same tower.

Levels in front of this hidden tower were  9.61 m/W

Levels on the top of the walking bridge were  0.68 m/W

Levels on the highway while passing under the bridge were much higher

Port Coquitlam BC – MaryHill Bypass


IMG_9652 IMG_9647 IMG_9663


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