July 21, 2016

 Pokemon Go: Major Highway Accident After Man Stops In Middle Of Highway To Catch Pikachu!

Ever since the Pokemon Go game exploded and almost everyone started playing it the common idea was that soon somebody is going to get hurt because of how ignorant people have become about their surroundings just to catch a Pokemon.

We have all seen videos of crowds gathering in places where rare Pokemons appeared and there was even a video of people abandoning their vehicles at stoplights just to run and catch Pokemons. There were even reports of individual fighting over them, and now there is a report of a Pokemon players causing a traffic accident just to catch a Pikachu.

A 26 Year-Old Massachusetts resident named Lamar Hickson is the person that is said caused the first Pokemon accident after stopping in the middle of the Highway to play the game.

Like driving and texting was not dangerous enough, now we have found a new way to make the roads more dangerous by using our phones.

People are urged to stop playing the game while operating a vehicle with the hash tag #dontpokemongoanddrive.