For those aware of eNode Antennas, also known as MicroCells, there is a petition to Telus that people are welcome to sign.  If you are new to the subject, these are very strong antennas placed on telephone poles close to homes.  Some antennas are pointed directly at homes.  For more information please see the page all about these antennas in various areas of southern BC and the Island.

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Multiple Array (eNode) Is BC a 5G Testing Lab?

Various sites in British Columbia had new antennas installed in 2015, and others in 2016.  Since that time media has shown how wireless companies boast about how their 5G testing is going, with extremely fast data rates.  Some of the resident who live near these new antennas have experienced health effects.   Are these BC towns with these new antennas the “Living Lab” for 5G experiments?