OTTAWA, March 27, 2017 /CNW/ – The Federal Government should warn the Canadian public that cell phones tested as they are used by Canadians – touching the skin – have failed Health Canada’s safety standards, but are still available for sale.

On Friday CBC Marketplace revealed it had tested the top three brands –  Apple, Samsung, and LG – and found they all failed government safety standards when pressed against the skin. This means none of them are safe to use if you touch them while in use.

“Canadians have a right to know the cell phones we’re buying in our stores are not safe when tested properly,” said Frank Clegg, CEO of Canadians for Safe Technology. Clegg is former President of Microsoft Canada and now devotes his time advocating for the safe use of wireless technology.

The CBC Television investigation, aired on Friday, March 24, exposed scientific links between cell phone radiation and brain cancer as well as breast cancer and infertility.

“The most embarrassing thing about this investigation,” said Clegg, “is that the Federal Government already knows the manufacturers have fine-print warnings on the cell phones. These warnings need to come to the front of the box in big letters where we can see them, and at the point of sale where we buy our phones. If manufacturers know they fail the safety standards, if the federal government knows, if our national broadcaster knows, then it should not be kept secret from the person buying the product.”

Canada’s Parliamentary Health Committee recommended the Federal Government help to educate doctors about the potential dangers of cell phones and WiFi in 2016, but the Trudeau Government has not implemented the recommendations.

“This is another great chance for our government to lead the world and demand cell phones come with obvious and readable instructions not to hold them next to your head, or hold them in your pocket or your bra. If that’s what the experts know, then that’s what everyone who owns a cell phone deserves to know,” said Clegg.

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