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Owner unhappy smart meter didn’t catch $5k water leak

Despite a high-tech water meter with real-time monitoring, one Abbotsford property owner didn’t know his pipes were leaking until heracked up more than $5,000 in water fees — and sent over half a million litres of water down the drain. Darshan Sharma, who rents out a commercial property owned by his wife Nirmla on Montrose Avenue, was surprised to get a water billover $500 two weeks ago. His building, currently rented to an antique furniture seller, has two toilets and three sinks, and water usagefor the property has seldom exceeded $20 per month. When he called the city, they told him his next water bill was already over $5,000.

Plaintiff in Tinley Park water meter suit seeks class action

 By Gregory Pratt and Joe Mahr   contact the reporters Chicago Tribune Lawsuit alleges Tinley Park misled public over overcharging water meters   A lawsuit has been filed alleging that Tinley Park officials for years misled residents while overcharging them for water — the latest twist in the controversy surrounding the south suburb’s use of electronic […]

People Believe Wi-Fi Is Making Them Sick

By Dr. Mallika Marshall, WBZ-TV June 8, 2015 11:24 PM  BOSTON (CBS) – Wi-Fi is all around us, but most people never give it a second thought. A number of people, however, believe all those invisible rays are making them sick. In the Lawson home, the only phone is a landline. Even the teenagers don’t […]

Wire option available for City water meters, resident learns

NOVEMBER 5, 2011 A resident who says she was not informed of an alternative to a wireless water meter wants to ensure other homeowners are aware. Petrina Gregson, who is opposed to the use of wireless meters due to her uncertainty over health risks, now has one installed at her home. Gregson was initially told […]

Water meter program accommodates radio concerns

SEPTEMBER 13, 2011 About 2,000 water meters have been installed in Kamloops homes now as the City’s program to put one in every house moves into its third month. City utilities director David Duckworth said Tuesday the main concern raised has been around the radio frequency emissions from the meters. A few people have said […]

Not a ringing endorsement for water meters

By Jeremy Deutsch – Kamloops This Week Published: August 31, 2011 7:00 PM Trudy Frisk loves her home. Correction. Trudy Frisk once loved her home. The longtime Kamloops resident was the queen of her Dallas Drive castle. “It’s a lovely neighbourhood,” she told KTW of the neighbourhood she has called home for 27 years. But, […]

More Questions than Answers on Potential Danger of Water Meters February 5, 2011 By SHAWN BUCKLEY Lawyer specializing in natural health On Jan. 11, I started a debate on the potential danger of the new water meters that the City is installing. My intention in seeking information on the new meters was simply to satisfy myself that they are not going to present a […]

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