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BC Hydro inflated claims of smart-meter benefits, NDP critic says

 MARK HUME   VANCOUVER — The Globe and Mail Published Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016 8:50PM EST  Last updated Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016 8:52PM EST  BC Hydro provided the public with misleading financial information in order to justify spending more than $1-billion to install smart meters across the province, claims NDP energy critic Adrian Dix. In a detailed letter […]

Adrian Dix questioning Bill Bennett re. extortion fees

Hansard excerpts, Adrian Dix ineffectually “questioning” Bill Bennett re. extortion fees, the amounts, not the fact that they are extortion. Bennett is allowed to obfuscate and mislead, e.g. the cost estimates given to BCUC said that the more people who opted out, the cheaper it would be per household. Now Bennett is saying the opposite.   […]

Smart Meter options are NO choice at all

VIEW PDF FORMAT July 18, 2013 • FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE It is clear the smart meter “options” offered by our new Minister of Energy only apply to people who don’t have a Smart Meter yet. It doesn’t apply to the thousands of people who were lied to or bullied into taking a Smart Meter against […]

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