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Chasing the solar dream in B.C.:  It takes cash and commitment

  RANDY SHORE Updated: July 21, 2017 Joanna Zilsel has solar panels on her roof and an electric car in her driveway. RANDY SHORE / PNG   If your solar dream is to go off the grid and cock a snook at B.C. Hydro in the process, dream on.  For all solar electricity’s advantages, in […]

Barely a week after Tesla’s Powerwall battery was announced, it’s sold-out to mid-2016

Michael Graham Richard (@Michael_GR) Technology / Clean Technology May 8, 2015   Elon Musk does it again It’s barely been a week since Tesla unveiled its Powerwall energy system, which scales from residential houses to massive gigawatt-hour utility scale. Not enough time for much to happen, right? Well, apparently people have been waiting for something like this and there’s […]

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