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The Quiet Zone: Where mobile phones are banned

By Emile Holba and Sara Jane Hall  Green Bank, West Virginia 19 May 2015  From BBC  Magazine Anyone driving west from Washington DC towards the Allegheny Mountains will arrive before long in a vast area without mobile phone signals. This is the National Radio Quiet Zone – 13,000 square miles (34,000 sq km) of radio […]

The Roomba for Lawns Is Really Pissing Off Astronomers

AUTHOR: DAVEY ALBA CAN HATE a Roomba? Astronomers, that’s who. The robotic vacuums we all know and love ensure we don’t have to clean our own homes ourselves to get them spotless. (God forbid.) Now, the Roomba’s maker, iRobot, wants to do for lawn care what it did for vacuuming. According to filings with the FCC spotted […]

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