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Children In Ireland Protest Against Proposed Vodafone Cell Tower Installation At Their School

DECEMBER 3, 2019     PAM VERNON Note the protest signs: “While on our summer holidays, Vodafone put up a planning application for a mast, they left our school out of their map, our classes are in the greatest beam of intensity”. This is how sneaky they are. Yes these towers get erected any old where […]

Brampton to Examine Safety Concerns Surrounding 5G and Wi-Fi

by Ashley Newport InBrampton News on April 17, 2020 For the vast majority of Canadians (and people all over the world, to be fair), technology is no longer a luxury—it is a necessity that people believe (for good reason) makes life easier and better. But while few would argue that our current levels of connectivity are a […]

Encinitas to ban 5G wireless antennas near schools, daycares, residences

 New restrictions imposed to address widespread community concerns about health risks By BARBARA HENRY OCT. 31, 2019 ENCINITAS —  Encinitas will amend its controversial 5G wireless policy, adding new restrictions on antenna placement in response to opponents’ well-organized lobbying efforts. “I think much of your feedback is reflected in what’s being presented tonight,” Councilman Tony Kranz told […]

wiGIG : 4.6Gbps Wi-Fi : How 60GHz wireless works—and should you use it?

The former WiGig 60GHz standard is finally here, but can it live up to the hype? EDWARD CHESTER – 12/15/2016, 9:22 AM There’s a new Wi-Fi standard in town, and it takes speed to another level. 802.11ad Wi-Fi is rated for data throughput up to 4,600Mbps, or four times faster than the current speed champ […]


  PRESS RELEASE – Ontario High School Students Speak Out Against WiFi Risk For Infertility and Cancer   Feb 29th, 2016 Summary Beginning in 2012 the Peel District School Board (PDSB) approved a $7 million investment in technology that included a plan to install WiFi in all Peel schools, elementary to secondary by the end […]

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