A survey conducted in California on 913 pregnant women showed that in women more exposed to radiation generated by electromagnetic fields, the risk of abortion was increased by 270%. And a few days ago, the US government issued guidelines to warn consumers of the risks associated with mobile phones


Erika Corpo   December 26, 2017

Exposure of pregnant women to non-ionizing radiation emitted by electromagnetic fields generated by cell phones, tablets and Wi-Fi connections produce an increased risk of abortion by 270%. This was revealed by a study conducted in California on 913 pregnant women whose results were published in Scientific Reports by the prestigious Nature editorial group. Non-ionizing radiation has been included by Iarc, the UN agency for cancer research, in the list of possible carcinogens and propagated through the electromagnetic fields that “light up” when using electrical appliances and Wi-Fi networks.

10% have suffered an abortion

The study was carried out at Kaiser Permanente Northern California , funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Science and involved 913 pregnant women: each one wore a device capable of monitoring exposure to a magnetic field for 24 hours. 10.4% of the women involved in the study presented an abortion and the authors concluded that women exposed to high levels of non-ionizing radiation have a nearly three times higher risk of abortion than women exposed to lower levels.

The California guidelines

In recent days, the State of California has officially published the guidelines on the use of mobile phones.And these are probably noise-bound advice, as they warn that consulted studies link radiation from theuse of mobile phones to a long-term increase in brain cancer risk, fewer sperms and other problems with health. The warning from the Californian authorities becomes even more pressing towards the developing bodies of the children, most at risk.


Lo studio su Nature: “Cellulare e Wi-fi in gravidanza aumentano il rischio di aborto”