Group : Stop 5G UK
Cathy Dowd

5,500 trees cut down in Sheffield to make way for new 5G Mobile Phone network.

Chainsaw men protected by Police from protesters. I saw one Video of a tree being
hauled away with a protester wrapped around it. The trees had originally been planted to commemorate war heroes.


New 5G phone system could face reception problems from trees with too many LEAVES

The wrong kind of rain or councils putting up big Christmas displays could also wreck reception

By David Wooding, Sunday Political Editor
18th March 2018, 1:09 am  Updated: 18th March 2018, 1:09 am
The wrong kind of rain or councils putting up big Christmas displays could also wreck reception.

The superfast network, funded by £160million of taxpayers’ cash, is due in two years.A shock Government report into its launch says there are too many trees with lots of foliage.While rail services suffer from leaves on the line from autumn, the phone network faces problems from April to October — when trees are in full bloom.The rain menace depends on its location and intensity “across the range of droplet sizes”, adds  the 142-page report. 

Existing signals come from a small number of big antennas.

5G will need 350,000 dotted at six-mile intervals. Rural areas will need 80ft masts.

Tory MP Grant Shapps said: “The Government needs a solution at ultrafast speed.”


The city of Sheffield planned to fell almost half the trees lining its streets, it has admitted after losing a battle to keep documents secret. The revelation has injected new vigour into a campaign that has spent six fraught years fighting a project to replace mature trees, including cherries, lime trees and one of the country’s few remaining venerable elm trees, with saplings as part of a £2.2 billion plan to upgrade roads and pavements.


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