For the last few years Bell has been installing Small Cell Antennas (eNodeB) 4G LTE around southern Ontario.  People concerned about the high levels of microwave radiation were waiting for information from others concerned in Ontario, however the locations where Bell was testing these new antennas were seldom in the same areas.  While investigating another issue in Ontario, some of our researchers finally found actual images of Small Cells in Ontario.  These have been there for over a year, around the same time Telus was installing in BC, Bell was installing in various towns such as London and Niagra on the Lake.


Niagra On the Lake, Ontario








London, Ontario





The antennas used in these images are the same ones found in Port Coquitlam, BC  and  Chilliwack BC,  a newer model Huawei AtomCell – BTS3911E (with integrated MIMO antenna),  smaller then the double mounted antennas that were used earlier in BC in cities such as Mission, Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops and Delta. ( Huawei Micro BTS Model # BTS3902E ).  

Stay tuned of further testing to find out if the emissions of these new Atom Cell, single antennas.

Fort Erie, Ontario was also of interest to Bell and likely has these antennas already installed there.