With all the talk about 5G small cell antennas being tested in California, Vancouver and other areas, people must be wondering : What antenna systems are going to be inside these new 5G Phones?   

“5G capable smartphones, when they arrive, will be packed with features – including as many as sixteen antennas to help transmit lots of data on both legacy and new wireless networks.”

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Qualcomm’s compact 5G antennas claimed to solve mmWave connectivity challenges

By Malcolm Owen July 23, 2018

“The module itself consists of  four antennas, accompanied by the QPM56xx sub-6GHz RF module, which takes up an extremely small amount of space. When used with Qualcomm’s own X50 5G modem, up to four of the modules can be included in a device in various positions to work around the user’s mass, meaning there could be up to 16 antennas in a single smartphone.”


Phased array for millimeter-wave mobile handsets and other devices

An apparatus includes an antenna element. The antenna element includes a first portion of a multi-layer printed circuit board (PCB) and a cap covering at least part of the first portion of the multi-layer PCB. The multi-layer PCB includes multiple substrates, and the first portion of the multi-layer PCB includes a first slot through the multiple substrates. The cap includes a second slot and defines a space between the first portion of the multi-layer PCB and the cap. The cap and a conductive layer of the multi-layer PCB form a waveguide structure through which wireless signals radiate from the antenna element.