Residents are quite upset about the proposed Freedom Mobile cell tower construction at 1953 Dartmouth Road, Penticton, BC.

Independent peer-reviewed epidemiological studies from around the world have demonstrated substantially higher cancer death rates in human beings living in close proximity to cell towers. These facts are undeniable. Why, when we know this, are we continuing to erect cell towers? Why do our municipal ‘authorities’ remain quietly complicit in the dissemination of this ‘genotoxic environmental pollutant’ in spite of obvious harm?

            The mandate of deceptively named corporations such as ‘Freedom Mobile’ is the relentless and single-minded pursuit of financial self-interest. Corporations are the embodiment of the sociopathic mindset – a cunning legal entity, disguised behind clever advertising, financially satiating itself without compassion, consideration, responsibility, or remorse. The insult is greater yet when this is aided and abetted by a mercenary elected class willing to abandon principles in the pursuit of the unquestioned idol of ‘economic development’.

            Motivated only by profit, corporations make choices that are rarely right for you and I. Powerful corporations inevitably attempt to manipulate the regulatory environment within which they function. The end result today is the capture of regulatory agencies such as ‘Health Canada’ and the subsequent control of Canada’s ‘Safety Code 6’ to meet the objectives of corporate profit, not human health. Safety Code 6 is intentionally not protective of human health, and wireless remains essentially an unregulated industry.

This is nothing new. We’ve allowed ourselves to be led down this painful path many times before with thalidomide, asbestos, tobacco, and other dangerous products. The question is…are we going to allow ourselves to be deceived once again to fulfill another corporate harvest? It is us and our families that will pay the price, not corporate raiders. Is this good enough for us, or are we now ready to wake up?

The choice to avoid a known wireless carcinogen is in our hands. We need to take this choice back from the ‘authorities’ who have recklessly abused our trust, and make the right decision for the community.




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