Residents in the suburban Los Angeles community of Lakewood say they are “horrified” by the thought of 5G network tower installations. At a community meeting, residents spoke out about 5G health concerns, saying that 5G is not proven safe.

“I’m horrified, to be honest with you,” Lakewood resident Christina Rich said via CBSLA. “I don’t want a cell tower anywhere near our house. They don’t belong in the neighborhoods. They haven’t been proven to be safe.”

Christina was far from alone in her concern over the controversial 5G network.

Dafna Tachover told that the evidence is clear, 5G is harmful to health.

“We have no doubt that any cell tower including “small cells” for 5G infrastructure are harmful. The scientific evidence and the human evidence are clear. Putting microwave frequencies transmitting and radiating antennas near people’s homes and in schools is literally a crime. It is child endangerment,” she said.

Monica Draghichi, another concerned parent, said she’s worried that about the density of the towers around schools.

“I’m concerned about the distance to my kids, to the schools in our community and the overall effects and lack of regulation around it,” she said.

Lakewood isn’t the first California community to be up in arms over 5G technology. In fact, parents at a Ripon, California elementary school forced Sprint to remove a single 5G tower they claimed was causing an uptick in childhood cancer. Sprint’s concession to remove the tower served as one of the larger victories over 5G in the United States. In Rhode Island, telecommunication companies are installing 5G towers without public consent.

Yahoo! News wrote a scathing piece calling out those in opposition of 5G “Anti-5G activists.”

“There is no real evidence to warrant any concern that 5G could adversely affect your health.” Nick Whigham writes.

“What the anti-5G protestors are doing is misrepresenting the science. They’re talking complete mistruths.” Australian scientist Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki told Yahoo!.

By classifying concerned parents as conspiracy theorists, mainstream media outlets are able to apply pressure to those in opposition or those simply concerned.

Global leaders around the world are pushing 5G because they believe it will give them a technological leg up. Some believe that Russia is putting out “fake news” regarding 5G health risks as a way to slow down network installations in the United States. This includes Yahoo! News who cites the conspiracy towards the end of their article.