Rogers hires Cypress to go and be the mouth piece for cellular antenna proposals, and in Maple Ridge where Rogers currently has three cell towers proposed, some residents are seeing these industry reps more often then they would like to.


PROPOSED CELL TOWER –  Davison Farm ( 128th Avenue ) – Read more about this Location

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November 2019 – Application Withdrawn 

“after subsequent discussions with Cypress Land (Roger’s consultants) on this file, they have decided to withdraw the application for a communications antenna structure at 22080 – 128 Avenue.  Accordingly, we will not be proceeding with a Report to Council on this matter.  ”

To all the residents signing petitions and attending Rogers open houses and asking questions, those involved really appreciate everyone getting involved and sharing their concerns,  it showed wireless companies that A- there are already enough antennas  B- people dont want them near schools or homes.


PROPOSED CELL TOWER – Valley Fair Mall / SaveOn Foods / London Drugs / Community Services ( Lougheed and 228th Street )

PROPOSED CELL TOWER – Meadow Gardens Golf Club ( Lougheed and Golden Ears Way ) – Sign the Petition


As 5G approaches, wireless companies are looking for new locations to be much closer to target audiences. If your town has a sudden rush of antennas, please let emrabc know about it.  In many cases, residents near these new towers are NOT contacted by the carrier, when they should have been.

Homes and Apartments, Business and School near any proposed location should be notified.

PITT MEADOW COUNCIL listened to Rogers and also the public about this tower Tuesday JULY 23 at 7pm

It can be viewed at


Regular Meeting of Pitt Meadows City Council to be held on Tuesday, July 23, 2019 

Video – Full Version

1:30 Radiocommunication



Video – Antenna discussion only



Maple Ridge Document on Cellular Towers


Pitt Meadows Document on Cellular Tower

No Information on their website,  Call and ask for information about cell towers