Hollywood has its own interpretation of what EHS really is,  Actors have been concerned about it for years.

Writers are now starting to write it into shows, possibly because they themselves, or people they know are EHS.

However considering its not that accurate, could it be to downplay EHS to the general public,

misleading them into thinking the source is internal, when its from exposure to radiation/microwaves.

Sony currently owns this program and is also a producer of cell phones, coincidence?

Young and the Restless – Oct 14, 2019

DEVON : Stacey said that he gone off on some spiritual journey in the far east

ELENA : and thats the reason he can’t be reached

DEVON : Yes apparently he has been acting erratically for the last few months

going on and on about the adverse effects of Technology – and on how our Brains are being invaded by particles and waves

ELENA : That sounds a bit like EHS

DEVON : What is EHS?

ELENA : Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity 

DEVON : Thats the thing, is it real?

ELENA : ya its more commonly misunderstood,  ITS MORE OF A MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE,

a phobia, but if it gets out of hand,  it can become Psychosomatic 

DEVON : well ya, that sounds about right because then she said, 

he felt the need to go a purge himself with all these bad influences,

then just took off one day, without telling anybody, without leaving any instructions of how he wanted things to be managed.  and we’ve barely been in contact since.  His company isn’t doing so well with him gone,  word got out that Chairman went awhal, and company is facing a melt down.

ELENA : Im really sorry, I know you are worried about Tucker,

DEVON : I should know about these things, but no one decided to tell me