Death is no longer above the victims of the telecom! She’s hiding under their feet!

According to Pierre Dubochet (the Stéphane Bélainsky of Switzerland ––.html) ” these antennas have been used for at least a year in Bern, Zürich, Geneva, and probably elsewhere, without proper signs.  This is a new risk for babies in baby cars. ”
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According to the article:

” Vodafone has already installed several thousands in the main cities of the UK. ” 

Watch the video SMALL CELL MAN HOLE PROJECT at where some of the swisscom lyrics are proud of all this and announce that these locations will also be used for the 5G.
If this unfathomable stupidity has been committed in Switzerland and England, how long before this is done here too and everywhere else?

It’s sick!! On the sidewalks! Imagine a baby stroller stopped long minutes above this as the mother, pregnant with another, chat with a friend. No signs tell them the danger they are running. More stupid than that you die! Telecom is doing everything to hide their damn deadly antennas. This is pure and simple electromagnetic terrorism!

The impacts of the multiplication of the number of 4 G and 5 g antennas installed so close to people will be disaster. It is to wonder if the deployment of these “Micro-Ondiens ovens” is part of a planned global genocide project planned and carried out almost without the knowledge of all. Supporters of conspiracy theory will give themselves to heart joy, and with reason!

But the most desperately ironic in all this is that it is the customers of these companies that, by their relentless and constant use of their mobile devices, are at the origin of the saturated network, which necessarily leads to the telecom To imagine all possible ways to increase the quality of their service so as not to lose their customers in a very competitive market. Cell Addicts are therefore in fact the main responsible, by their collective blindness and by the criminal neglect of government health authorities to strongly warn them of the risks of the abuse of wireless technologies, their own premature death and countless suffering They do to themselves before dying of cancer or neurodegenerative disease.

As for the hundreds of thousands of people who have become allergic to radiation from antennas, the only option not to suffer is to avoid being exposed to them, they will have almost no place on earth in a few months to escape this electromagnetic torture with The upcoming launch of the 5 G from space by Elon Musk * – with the blessing of the! Either they will have to hide in their shelter against the waves, or they will have to live in caves as people have already been doing in France for several years, or they will have to accept themselves to suffer more in almost general indifference.

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Vodafone and Ericsson working in UK to attach 5G antennas under manholes covers in UK


With the growing demand of 4G and 5G services, the companies are in efforts to provide the same to their maximum capacity, raise the requirement to mount additional cellular towers all around, apparently not wanted by anyone to be surrounded by.

To tackle the issue of cellular towers scattering in major areas of cities, Vodafone in UK, working with Ericsson,  has came up with surprisingly useful solution for hiding its 4G and 5G equipment by attaching it under the covers of manholes in city areas which radiates signals from ground level to upward direction.

Enabling radio signals to travel farther with less physical interference, preferring points well above the ground levels like streetlight poles or rooftops to mount their cellular equipment is in practice by wireless service providers. For maintaining standard of maximum distance of 500 feet between two cells, companies rushing to mount their small backpack sized cells of 5G networks in public places have now been facing the places that are unwilling or at least reluctant to mount these equipments.

The Financial Times reported that Ericsson for the mounting of equipment at ground level has came up with two alternatives of placing the 5G antennas inside a barrel-shaped attachment with rough and tough top or attaching them under the cast iron manhole covers. Subject to interference created by the running around vehicles, these antennas, even at ground level, can radiate the wireless signals across an area of more than 500 feet radius.

Unlike small cell towers, manhole based solution of Vodafone, will not only be providing it quickly enhance its 5G capacity in major cities, but also there is no apparent requirement to get permission from city planners to mount these underground cells in manholes as it is already has control over several thousand manholes in major cities across UK.



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The 5G in Montreal: one g too much!

* SpaceX files paperwork to launch up to 30,000 more Starlink global internet satellites

Translation of an extract: this number is added to the 12 satellites whose launch has already been authorized. In fact, the company plans to launch only a few hundred in the coming year. But Spacex is planning a strong increase in global demand for low-lag and high capacity high capacity and its initial deployment plans cover only a fraction of this demand. In addition, given the growing interest in communications in orbit, there will be more and more people in the spectrum over the next few years…. Originally, starlink will offer services in the north of the United States. United and in some regions of Canada, starting next year, at the start of the network. It is then planned to extend the network to global coverage thanks to about 24 of satellite launches. … starlink launched its first 60 satellites in may, and it is expected that each satellite of about 500 lb will work in tandem with the others to communicate with ground stations to which end users can then connect to Have access to a 5 G Wide-Band network signal.