In Rome in March, 2019, a major conference experts from several fields, doctors, environmentalists, activists, politicians from all levels of government met to discuss 5G. The conference was broadcast on TV and radio. A resolution was passed with guidelines regarding the promotion of the precautionary principle at all levels of government, and defining legal action that should be taken by the public to ensure that 5G is banned until/unless it is proven safe. I think that the recommendations made at this conference could be helpful to us in setting goals before our councils, to our provincial and federal governments.

STOP 5G Italian Alliance: This is the Vicovaro Resolution for Government, Parliament, Mayors and citizens

MARCH 2, 2019
 “… this resolution was produced and signed as a consensus on the emergency strategies inspired by the Precautionary Principle to be adopted at national and local level by those who intend to support constitutional rights in the protection of public health, threatened by plans for unexplored radio frequencies of fifth generation wireless , better known as 5G, already dangerous for the Scientific Committee on environmental and emerging health risks of the European Community.”
  • Renewal of the request for a moratorium to stop the 5G trial throughout the Italian territory
  • Do not increase the legal limit values ​​in the electromagnetic radiation threshold
  • Minimize health risk by promoting an epidemiological study on electromagnetic fields
  • Integrate the auction contracts to be stipulated and / or already stipulated with the industry awarded the new 5G bands with the inclusion of a clause for a compensatory excise tax for any damage caused to the health of the population


  • Promote a preliminary national study on the biological effects of 4G and 5G radiofrequencies at an independent body that is free of conflicts of interest with industry, having assessed the availability of the Ramazzini Institute
  • Establish a permanent supervisory commission to monitor the effects of electromagnetic fields, identifying members of independent science and medicine, coordination between patient associations


  • Invitation to the Rai Supervisory Commission to evaluate the level of information offered so far in public broadcasting services regarding the health dangers of 5G
  • To fully implement the Framework Law of 2001 with the application of the implementing decrees, enhancing one of the most precautionary laws in Europe in defense of public health


  • Promote an inter / health / environment commission to monitor the repercussions of electromagnetic fields on population and ecosystem, identifying members of independent science and medicine and local coordination between patient associations and active citizenship


  • Invitation to the Mayor as the highest Health Authority and Government official and, subordinately, to the Prefect in the event of inactivity of the former, to adopt an contingent and urgent order to suspend the 5G trial on the administered territory pending as to the points 1), 2), 3), 4)


  • Support the most exposed citizenship, especially those most at risk such as patients, pregnant women, the elderly and children in those who exercise parental authority, in legal, even individual, warnings to be sent to health ministers, economic development and to the Mayor of his municipality of residence, claiming the constitutional right to health protection pursuant to art. 32
  • Supporting associations in undertaking a legal procedure of public self-defense also by means of an urgent appeal to be presented to the Public Prosecutor, Civil Court pursuant to art. 700 per ‘periculum in mora’

Now, after just a few months,  100 Italian communities are part of the Stop 5G movement,and they are listed here.  The effort is starting from the local government, educating, petitioning, attending meetings to gain the support of Mayors and Councils.  If they did it, we can, too.

5G (now) is (also) a democratic problem: 100 Municipalities of Italy are officially Stop 5G – HERE IS THE LIST, UNIQUE IN EUROPE

DECEMBER 10 2019

” A small Italian miracle in defense of public health. Just 9 months after the approval of the Vicovaro Resolution in the consensus of the 1st Stop 5G national meeting promoted on 2 March 2019 by the Italian Alliance Stop 5G, today 100 Italian Municipalities are officially Stop 5G . Before Vicovaro the void in the local administration of the tsunami of wireless fifth generation did not speak at all, completely ignored the risk, but now – less than 300 days from the first historical event– a rising tide of awareness in the claim of a right enshrined in art. 32 of the Constitution, recalling the European precautionary principle, spreads relentlessly from the Valle d’Aosta to Sicily , from the province of Bolzano to that of Caltanissetta and Nuoro , passing through the cities of Rome (Municipio XII), Turin, Catania, Florence and Bologna . And we’re just beginning.